Friday, December 31, 2010

Sotto Voce Wine & Pasta Bar (NO GOOD)

Another FabFind find, $15 for $30 Worth of Italian Food At Sotto Voce Wine & Pasta Bar. I always go online to do some research and read some reviews before buying those deals...this is one of those time that I was wrong, although reviews said that their food was good and I was thinking at the time that Italian comfort food is really difficult to be horrible/bad. OMG, the food was horrible, the Wine list wasn't that great, the cook was standing at the open kitchen staring at the customer....

It's a wine Bar bu they don't even have a wine menu/list, it was only available on the Blackboard on the far end by the bar... it was dark, so I can barely see anything

 See, they are standing there having nothing to do and staring (O_o)

This is probably the best dish of the night, prosciutto & sweet fig bruschetta, but they can take little credit of it... I don't think they baked the bread or make the prosciutto, the fig that they actually roasted was overly sweet
 Beef Capaccio 
~ really not that flavorful,at first glance I thought it was capers on the side but it was actually just black bean... why would you have black bean with beef capaccio ?!?

 Mushroom Risotto ~ very bland although I added tons of parmigiano already

Four Cheese Ganoochi ~ I don't know why but it tasted sort of sour

The only restaurant on College that SUCKS !!!
So bad that I didn't even ask for the dessert menu


  1. This place looks sad and should not call themselves a wine bar. I was shocked to see black beans on that carpaccio WTF?! Hope the sourness wasn't due to bad flour for that gnocchi :(

  2. maybe, not sure but we didn't got tummy ach or anything =P