Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dessert Trends - DT BIstro

Two weeks ago, we headed downtown for our Sunday Brunch as usual and didn't remember it was the Santa Clause parade.... we were stuck in traffic for at least an hour since all the roads are close. So when we notice that we are at Korean Town and a green P near by, we just park and try to find a place to eat. But both of my favorite Korean Restaurant are pack and had a line up, so we head next down to Cutlet House... usually Korean food are pretty standard, not all are great but never bad.... but Cutlet was HORRIBLE... never tasted a worst Gamjatang, it was super salty, non-pork bone flavour and non-spicy when I specifically ask for extra spicy. Feeling not satisfied we were thinking of where to go next to satisfied that void... the crowd has clear and we were driving around when we pass by Dessert Trends... we went for brunch back in April and love there dessert although the brunch items was not that great.... we head in and order 3  and there was only the 2 of us.

The flowers on each table with the bright decor just make you feel happier (^O^)

Mango Passion Fruit Tart ~ did I ever mention that I love really love anything passion fruit and this tart was fill with fresh passion fruit custard and top with mangoes. 
So yummmmmmy! OMG goodness!!!
I just don't understand why I could never find passion fruit in supermarket, if anyone know where to buy some please let me know.

Ben order this and I totally forgot what it's called. It was filled with a rich Hazelnut cream and no it's not a donut or bagel... but I didn't really like it although Ben seems to be enjoying it.

After a dessert each, Ben decided to order one more.... as a pick-me-up from the bad start of the day

Pudding top with toffee served hot ~ how could you say no to this, I think there's nothing that could go wrong with this one
And some more pics from our first visit back in April:

Love how they always have fresh flowers and how it's place in those tiny bowl instead of taller vase... just make it so much cuter (^_^)

Passion Fruit Ice Tea ~ see how they have actual chuck of passion fruit at the bottom with the black seeds. It was so refreshing that I was willing to skip my coffee =P
Quiche w/ snow crab & lemon leek

Five Spice Pull Pork Sandwich ~ not that good, it their attempt of Chinese fusion w/ hosin sauce... something of a mix of pull pork sandwich w/ Cha-sui flavour in a Chinese bun w/ viet. bun pickles (carrot and radish)........ 
I would much prefer to stick with my Steam Chinese Big Veggies & Pork Bun (菜肉大包)

Salty Caramel Chocolate Tart ~ it basically taste as good as it looks

Poached Pear Tart w/ pistachio and served with a huge dollop of creme fraiche.
Yummmmy !!!

I guess all their desserts all taste as good as it looks, I just want to try everything.

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  1. This place is CRAZY! And I mean, that display case with all the desserts like I can literally stand there for 10 minutes (or more) admiring them. I've only been there for dessert, but never actual meal type food. I have been meaning to go for lunch/dinner but still never did. It seems like a lot of their dishes have Asian influences, huh?

  2. I would say just go for the dessert, their normal menu are nothing impresive... I guess it's very Asian influence cause it's a Chinese owner/chef, isn't it

  3. Yeah I think the owner/chef is Asian, I'm not sure if he/she is Chinese, but Asian for sure. Ok maybe if one day I'm bored I will go check out their mains (which is probably not anytime soon) lol

  4. I don't think you really need to, not that great... I would just go back for the desserts =)

  5. Dear Kiki,
    Chef Don is Vietnamese

  6. Thanks for letting me know =D
    Def. Asian influence dishes

  7. Been there twice & WORSHIP the wild mushroom pappardelle. If they stop making it I will die! Prices are steep but totally worth it. All their salads, passionfruit mousse, passionfruit iced tea (yes, the one you're holding with your lovely orange-coral manicure), chocolate truffle cake... I love everything on the prix fixe menu (except for the braised beef brisket)!