Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dark Horse Espresso Bar + Mary Macleod's Shortbread

Before heading over to the Distillery Christmas Market here, we wanted to go get one of our favorite coffee first. As I may have mention here already, Leslieville is one of my favorite dt spot. I said one of our favorite coffee because Dark Horse Espresso Bar is only my #2, Manic still rank #1 on my list =P
We have always wanted to try Mary Macleod's Shortbread that has such great reviews but always pass by without stopping. So we decided to pop in a choose a dozen before going across the street for our coffee.

As you step into the place, the smell just swept over you and I'm sure no one can resist leaving the place without buying any =P
They offer a variety of  packaging and sizes; Christmas packs, tin box, small packs and individual packed Christmas cookies (x'mas tree, angels etc)

 We just bought a dozen by choosing random from their counter.
One Dozen for $17.00

 Traditional (original) & Chocolate Crunch are my favorite and also happens to be their best seller.
The other flavour was so so, like the mint chocolate combination just doesn't go with the buttery taste and we both hated Rolled Coconut (round ball shape & log shape).

Across the street to Dark Horse 

Look at this shiny Mirage, wish I had one at home 

My Latte ~ so cute, is it an elephant or a skull (^__^)
So glad I got a different pattern, normally it's only hearts or leave design

Ben's Cappuccino, so thick and yummy

The Shortbread was buttery without being too heavy, crunchy without being thick (no like the b

Ben just have to order one more cup, an Americano to go with the yummy shortbread

It was so pack that there was no space available at the big communal table or benches, so we sat by the bar right next to the coffee beans & machine

Love their decor, there's a constant display of different arts

Love their ceiling

Here's more picture that I took when I first went to Dark Horse exactly a year ago

During Summer days, even these benches are pack

Dark Horse Espresso Bar ~ must visit, once you try these, Starbucks won't satisfied you =P
Mary Macleod's Shortbread ~ just get the original & chocolate crunch
(I prefer Coach House Shortbread much better & the price is much more affordable ~ post coming up soon)

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  1. OMG I loveeee shortbread and butter cookies and just, those kinds of cookies! :) I'm glad you got the such a cool design design too for your latte...suits u! =)

    My boyfriend and I would probably would never step foot into an expresso bar (don't get me wrong, it's way cool) just not our thing I guess? So I'm happy to read your post about it =) Maybe I go try one day (even though I'm not really a coffee person lol)

  2. LOL,me and my bf, both of us have to haev a cup of coffee a day or else headache =P we are adicted

    if you like shortbread, you should go get some Coach House ones... they only have open house for Christmas & Easter... they are so good and very affordable gifts in very pretty package...

  3. Coach House? Ok I will check it out :) Thanks~ Gifts? Gifts for myself yah LOL

  4. Yeah, bought a bunch of them but want to keep all for ourselves =P