Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coach House Shortbread Company

It was last year that I discover these delicious cookies from Coach House Shortbread Company to enjoy during the holidays. Good thing they only have open house during Christmas & Easter and at some of the local craft shows, if they sold them all year long I'll be munching on it everyday and I would probably weight 200 pounds  =P It's also available by special order by mail but only from September to May since they are too fragile for the summer heat. You can learn more about the history of these hand mad shortbread here

 Bought a total of 10 this year and I only gave away 4 =P
Me & Ben just want to keep the rest for ourselves since they keep forever.

Coach House sells both Sweet & Savoury Flavour
I just open the new flavour as I'm writing this, Gorganzola & Pistachio which is a bit salty but all it needs is a glass of red wine =P
Picture below was taken last year, love to enjoy the savoury flavour with wine and I also heated up some olives here (^_^) My favorite savoury flavour is Cheddar & Chipotle.

My favorite is definitely the Dark Chocolate & Fleur de Sel with goes so well with coffee.
You will not find the Cranberry anywhere else the burst of the tartness just compliment the buttery taste since they really don't hold back on the cranberry and it's a red color perfect for Christmas.

Picture taken outside their warehouse/factory 

Must Try!!! Cute packaging and great buttery treats at an affordable price, what else could you ask for.
Definitely my favorite Holidays treat


  1. Oh my, they are packaged so beautifully too~

  2. that's one of the reason I recommended it... much prettier than the tin can at Macleod's =P

  3. thanks for posting your thoughts about my shortbread, good to know you enjoy them :)
    beautiful pics, hope to see you in the spring
    thanks again

  4. Thanks Carl, so glad you read my post. Love your story of how Coach House came to be =)