Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Went to Thor a few weeks ago after having heard so much about the $16,000 Machine called Slayer (super cool name if you ask me). 

There's only 27  Slayers and Thor's 77th (start at 50, so that 27th) and the only one in Toronto. It's handmade to order in Seattle and not Italy like most machines. What's so special about it? You can change pressure manually from zero bars to nine while most machine stay at nine throughout.

The owner was super friendly and chatted with us
(guess it's because it wasn't busy and there was only one customer on a Sat afternoon)

Latte ~ as usual me and my latte
My Opinion, the machine really was something and it was super smooth.... but very lacking in flavor, my fave Latte in t.o. is still Manic and it was ♥-at-first-sip. 
Maybe it's just a personal taste thing but I prefer latte with a darker roast beans, so this is really lacking in flavor and texture (not thick enough) to me.
And really, could have practice more on the latte art too, really not the best looking one

 "hit n run" - house espresso to stay + an americano to go
~ we had both to stay and yes the 2 of us had 3 drinks
Ben had the espresso and his comment was: can def. taste the difference the machine made, super smooth and very well rounded but not much taste.
We shared the americano and it was really nothing special and was so-so that I don't mind going back to Starbucks =P and Ben said that he felt more satisfied by Ideal Coffee's regular coffee here.

No, this is not ours =P
The owner/barista noticed that I was taking pictures and ask  if I would like to take picture of his own drink.... and his was definitely better looking the ♥s art that I got on my latte (>___<)

Love the decor of the place, although there was minimal seatings
 since the bar took 2/3 of the entire taste.
Instead of the blackboard menu that most coffee shop has, they had an ipad  as menu + mac notebook as "cashier" (yup, us geeky Chinese people)

Don't think I'll be going back since it a bit out of the way.
I'll stick with Manic or Dark Horse (blog about it here and they have 3 locations now )

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  1. That is one impressive looking coffee machine.

  2. herad the machine maker also make custom mortocycle, hence teh chrome "x" hardware =P