Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Khao San Road

My fave Thai place Sukhothai open a second location in the entertainment district call Khao San Road and the chef Nuit moving to this location. I made reservation for Saturday night for 6 people a few days ahead and only an 8:30pm opening was available. We all arrive very on time (even 5-10 mins early) but the place was pack and our table wasn't ready until 9:15pm. We stood by the bar w/ beer and chat while waiting and the owner was very nice as to provide us with free fresh Shrimp Chips.

There's no sign except for a few pieces of paper on the window but there's no mistake about it since it was pack... super packed.
On the side, it says Love Life and according to the owner it said Lo life at first and he just added the "ve" to it 

The guys drank so many of this Thai beer  while waiting

The space was very casual with around 50 seats, bare wooden table w/ a long metal bar plus 2 long communal tables at the front (that's where we sat) and love the blackboard wall by the kitchen window
 Garlic Chicken ไก่ทอดกระเที่ยมพริกไทย
~ deep fried chicken breaded in a crispy garlic coating served with a sweet and tangy garlic sauce.
 This is super garlicky, light and crispy yet not greasy/ oily at all and super moist inspite of it being white meat
Super Yummy !!!

 Garlic Tofu เต้าหู้ทอดสมุนไพร
 ~ deep fried tofu breaded in a crispy garlic and kaffir lime coating served with a sweet and tangy garlic sauce
This was complimentary (aka FREE) from the owner since we waited for so long. 
This is a great vegetarian alternative to the chicken version. Hummmm, maybe because I'm not a big tofu fan I prefer the chicken version much better which was more garlicky and flavorful.

 Tom Yum Kung Soup (appetizer size)
Love spicy & sour... I ask if extra spicy was available but they said that there's only one level =(

 Gra Bong กระบอง
~ Squash fritters made of deep fried squash with red curry paste, shrimp paste, lemongrass and egg
This was definetly out of my expectation, super good. It's a must-try !!!

Khao Soi (w/ beef) ข้าวซอย
~ Egg noodles in a coconut milk enriched curry, garnished with crispy noodles, green onion and lime w/ choice of chicken or beef.
 I ask for extra spicy but it came not as hot (temperature wise) or as spicy as the one from Sokhothai which was my fave dish, the soup wasn't as thick and flavourful either... maybe it's because it's at the end of the night and the kitchen is closing up =(

 Pad Thai (Street Style) ผัดไทสไตล์รถเข็นถนนข้าวสาร w/ Shrimp
A Northern version of the Pad Thai is a must to try. You will find a slightly different take on Pad Thai depending on where you are in Thailand. This is a taste of our their Chef's hometown goodness.
Extra : made with peanuts, more herbs and a small-town, northern-style, authentic-Thai twist.
Not the ketchup version that you find at most Thai restaurant in Toronto.

 Gaeng Kaew Wan แกงเขียวหวาน
~ a unique Thai curry dish known as "Green Curry" that uses fresh green chilies to make a curry paste which gives its greenish colour.
I wish this was less sweet and more spicy but all my friends enjoyed it a lot.

Pad Kra Prao w/ Shrimp
  ~ Stir fried shrimp (also with teh choice of chicken or beef) with holy basil, topped with a fried egg.
Nothing beats fresh herbs and basil being one of my favorite.
This is a very ordinary dish, yet everything adds up to yumminess, guess sometime fresh ordinary ingredients are all you need to satisfied your taste buds (^_^)

The following 3 pics was taken during my last visit at Sokhothai :
Look at how the soup of the Khao Soi look so much thicker than the one we got this time.

Shrimp Chips w/ tamarind sauce
That was the chips we got for free while waiting at the bar... but too bad we didn't get the sauce which I love

Gaeng Massaman แกงมัสมั่น
 ~ the only Thai curry with a twist of tamarind sauce and cook with onions, peanuts, potatoes and bay leaves:; topped with crispy deep fried shallots.
This is their signature curry dish but I didn't like it that much the last time I tried it at Sokhothai since it's was too sweet to my taste.... but still really good in it's own way but skip this time since I tried it already

Not as good as my pass experience at Sokhothai but guess it's because it was so late... I will definitely give it another chance, maybe on a less busy week night

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  1. awww now i wanna go try Sukho thai

    too bad u didn't have a good experience maybe from waiting too long..at least you got some free apps

    i really enjoyed my food

    man u must eat really spicy...u must luv korean food then cause the real korean food are the spicy ones and I can't eat it...my bf calls me weak lol

  2. it's not all that bad, I did enjoy my visit but it could have been better =P

    I don't think you would want to go to Sukho thai now since the Chef will be here instead

  3. This place seems really popular! I haven't visited yet myself, but I'll definitely come here to try out their food! Nice pics & review! :)

  4. @amysfoodadventures: very popular and it was soooo pack (which I think results in not as good quality as usual)so I recommend you go try during week nights