Monday, March 28, 2011

Trio Ristorante Pizzeria

 Wanted to go out to eat on a week night and didn't want to go all the way downtown, so we opted for mid-town Trio Ristorante Pizzeria. It's a family owned restaurant with a custom made wood burning oven.
Flat Bread w/ olive oil, herbs and garlic
~ a bit dry to my taste with way too much salt and seasoning

 a bottle of affordable House Red @ $25.00

Cozze In Padella
~ Fresh P.E.I mussels Italian style, white wine, celery, garlic, fresh herbs in a tomato sauce.
Wish they serve this with some bread / baguette to dip the sauce =P
Good but really nothing special, taste like what I would made at home but for only $10.95, I won't complain.
( ♥ the one from here a lot better)

 Orecchiette Barese
 ~ Italian sausage, rapini, shallots, garlic, fresh tomatoes
The pasta was not house-made but it was cook al dente (just right, not like some places who tends to under cook) but I find that there was way too much sausage and not enough pasta

Margherrita Pizza
 ~ tomato sauce, mozzarella & bocconcini cheese
Great dough, right charring on the edges, right chewy consistency in the center, boiling mozzarella and fresh, lightly salted tomato sauce.... wish there was a little bit less sauce and more basil and I find it better than Fabbrica's from here. My fave is still Pizza Libretto, but this will be a good substitute when I don't feel like waiting in line (especially in the cold winter months in Toronto)

 I ♥ Spicy, so of course I ask for my chili flakes.... he bought me the dry chili flakes but also this chili oil which is way better. Yummmmm, the best chili oil among all the Toronto pizza place that I tried

Could think of better place for pasta but really great pizza without the line up
Super friendly and attentive service (^_^)
 Would love to come back to try their Seafood platter
(Zuppa Di Pesce, almost every table ordered this when we were there)

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  1. This looks like a good alternative to downtown Italian restos =) Liking the affordable wine they have there as well.

  2. definitely... and could have easily order just an appetizer + a pizza to share for a light and affordable week night dinner =D