Thursday, March 10, 2011


Decided to check out the Ice Fest, so we decided to use up our Fran's coupon from Dealicious last month. I've been to the College location before and love the retro looking booths/decor diner but the coupon was only for the new Yonge Street location which was much more modern looking =(

If you have never been, you have to go to the location on College. Oh and did I mention it's open 24/7 (^o^)

Fran's Famous Club
~ Grilled chicken breast layered with bacon, lettuce, tomato & pesto aioli on toasted bread 
w/ choice of fries or salad
The chicken was surprisingly moist. Love the ratio of everything and how it's so thick yet didn't fall apart after your first bit (^_^)

New York Striploin Steak & Egg
~ 8oz Charbroiled Striploin serve with 2 eggs any style, homefries and toast
Ben want his steak for brunch - MEN !!!
The steak was overcook and tasteless but the homefries was good, crispy outside and fluffy inside
and well egss are eggs

Fran's Rice & Raisin Pudding
~served warmed or cold
Obviously ordered mine warm
(my warm & gooyee dessert obsession like the ones from here, here, here, here & here)
This was really not as good as I expected, the top custard (yellow part) was overly sweet (yes, even with my coffee) that it sort of taste like those jello pudding cups =P
The bottom "rice" part was creamy but there's just something missing... just a disappointment =(

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  1. I think I've been to Fran's, the one on college years ago! But yes if I remember correctly that location had a way more "diner" feel that this one here, from your pictures at least.

    Hahhaa you're so cute! I smiled at the "here, here, here, here & here" line =D

  2. yeah I like the old "diner" feel much more, this one look so generic =(

    LOL... tee hee hee... just trying to put as much link as possible =P