Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Have been meaning to go to Cowbell for a while and we finally went on Saturday (giving up all my "coupon" restaurant).

It's probably nice to note that Cowbell is the first restaurant in Toronto to get LEAF certification for its green ways:

They change their menu daily according to what they get in fresh each day and it's display on the blackboards (only got 2)... we sat right next to it and good thing is we have no problem reading it bad thing is that everyone will be staring at your direction trying to read it =P

The breads are in-house made 
It was super yummy, moist and full of flavour without being sour dought, I love how you could actually taste the "flour" itself in the bread

Duck Liver Pate w/ Sourdough & Pickles
~ this can easily be my main on it's own... since I still want to have room for my main, I practically share 1/2 with Ben =P
I find duck liver make the best pate, fatty enough without being too oily, very smooth texture melt in your mouth good.

Venison Sausage & St Albert Cheese Curd Poutine
(you may have notice from the menu above that it forgot to mention it was a poutine)
Ben just have to have it, although I'm not a big fan of poutine I have to say this is really good. It came piping hot and you can practically see the Cheese keep melting in front of you.

Everspring Duck w/ Piri Piri, Purple Potato, Olive, Kale
Looks super pretty, the kale was super yummy although the purple potato was very bland =(
The duck itself was cook just right but it was COLD (bad bad bad, it should at least be warm)
Good thing the Piri Piri (hot sauce) was spicy enough.... but still cold....

Top Meadow Rabbit w/ Braised Bacon, Carrot Puree and Rapini
As you may have notice, it didn't mention any Tortellini on the menu and it seems to me it's been thrown in as a after thought... it just doesn't go with the presentation and the pasta was super dry with some sort of sweet yam filling O_o
Rabbit which is normally very lean was too dry cook this way although the skin was super yummy crispy. On the other hand the bacon was cook to perfection, whatever lack of fat from the rabbit are compensated by the bacon.
But this was served on the COLD side too and I heard the table next to us saying how their dish was cold too =(

Love how they bought over a mini blackboard for the dessert menu
Go GREEN !!!

Ben was super full since he had the beer, his poutine, half of my app and the main... so we decided to share a dessert.

 Apple Tarte Tartin w/ 2 year old cheddar, candied walnuts, brandy butterscotch ice cream
After the first bit, I totally regret in agreeing to share.
When I was ordering it, I thought the cheddar would be on the side of a apple tarte and no it wasn't... it was some sort of deconstructed version, there was first some sort of crust (cookie crumble like a cheesecake type of crust) then top with the cheese then top w/ slice of apple and the the ice cream. You have to get a everything in each bite and all the flavor just compliment each other to perfection
So GOOD !!!! Must Try !!!

In order for me to give this place a proper review I do think I need to go back since their menu change all the time.
Everything taste great although the main should have been served HOT, maybe warm even but not COLD  >___<
I will definitely just go back for the dessert in a heartbeat (^_^) 

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  1. Too bad the food was cold cuz the pics look great. The dessert sounds out-of-this-world good :)

  2. I don't know why but I just love the dessert =D any warm gooyee dessert will do for me but with cheese here, it's just sooo good ^_^