Monday, January 31, 2011


Went to Mark McEwan newest restaurant Fabbrica last weekend for lunch. It's a traditional Italian concept restaurant with the requisite antipasti, primi and secondi headings. They also have a Wood burning brick oven from Naples which cook their Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds... since we went for lunch, we only order a main each so this will be a short post.

 The wood burning pizza oven

 Their bread was served warm and was super fresh
(we had a second)

 Margherita Pizza
~ nothing special, found that there's a big too much sauce and sort of overwhelm the mozzarella and basil taste. Really not worth the $16 and would really have wish I went back to my favorite Pizza Libretto =P

Chili Oil to go with my pizza

Ben order a pint of McEwan's own brew ~ fresh light beer
Their cocktail and glass of wine are very over priced, so I didn't feel like to order one

Esposito Panini
~ Bershire prosciutto, roated peppers, aged provolone and antipasto di Fabbrica
Too much prosciutto that it's over salty and the bread was a tiny bit over toasted (feel as if it'll cut your mouth when you chew). Too much beans in the salad although it was super refreshing and with it has more cucumber and tomatoes

Side of Polenta 
~w/ roasted garlic and mascarpone
Good texture (not overly creamy or smooth) and great flavour

There's also a small curing room where salumi hang from the ceiling and the walls are lined with jars of pickled vegetables

I don't think I'll go back  anytime soon
Really average tasting and really not worth the price tag although that's the cheapest you get for McEwan's food.

P.S.: bought 2 dessert / petits fours at McEwan Food Market across the street. Super sweet & over priced = no good!!!

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  1. I've always wondered about Fabbrica because even though it is McEwan's, I hardly ever hear any hype about it. And when I look up reviews for it, it seems so mediocre. I thought of going and trying it out despite of it all, but now after reading about your experience I've made up my mind to skip it. I haven't been to the food market either - looks too high-end and posh for me LOL

  2. verything in his Food Market are way too expensive unless you want some higher end/quality oilive oil or vinegar, then you can find it there

  3. each time i eat a pizza I'll compare to Libretto and each time I would say I miss Libretto since none is as good =P

  4. I heard bad things about Fabbrica pizza too. 90 seconds? Is that really enough time? I heard that the toppings turn to goop & slide right off if the diner is not careful. Thanks for the recommendation to Libretto! Can't wait to try it. :D

  5. Suji : Thanks for always commenting =D 90 seconds sounds about right cause the crust is so thin and the oven is kept at almost 1000 degrees the entire day