Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♦♦♦ Studded ♦♦♦

My Sam Edelman York Studded Platform finally arrive got it for under $100 on Beyond the Rack, this is normally retail for more than $200.
If you haven't heard about Beyond the Rack, you should take a look, they offer limited of discounted brand items and have daily events.

This will be a great subdue version to my Spiky Sam Edelman Lorissa from here.
This one is much lighter but still have the studs that I love. The pictures doesn't really show, but the inner heels have a mirror finish. Love it in suede since it'll be rather S&M-ish if it was in leather or patent leather with the mirror heel and studs.

Also bought this pair of open toe suede pumps from Zara on Sale for $29.99
I bought a similar pair round toe on sale last year and I have been wearing it on a regular basic since it super comfy although of the height (like from here and here)


  1. I was addicted to Beyond the I have *somewhat* more self control hahaha~ Lovely heels!

  2. LOL, really... but some are not really that cheap =(
    I browse all the time but I'm always too late for the stuf that I want =P

  3. this shoes are soooo cool! thank you so much for your comment on my soon-to-arrive litas :) they are awesome! wish i had the black ones too.. xx

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog =) just follow your blog, great inspiration =D