Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i deal Coffee (feature: Wanda's Pie In the Sky)

This is my first time at i deal Coffee and I have been meaning to try for a while since it's been voted #1 by blog TO as The Best Cafes in Toronto (West Side). I just can't believe Manic Coffee is only #10, it's the best in my opinion =P

Super long handles =P

 Latte ~ it's good but not great and no fancy latte art here =(
It's not even in my top 5

Dark Organic Blend
~ Well balanced, smooth, rich and heavy body... very very flavorful
Will go back to buy a pound to bring home for sure 
Served in random mug, a Star Wars mug for my nerdy Ben (^_^)

 Their own roaster

They only have the logo, there's no sign / indication of the name.

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After coffee, we decided to drop by Wanda's Pie in the Sky
This is our 3rd time there and this time we decided to buy a small pie to bring home.
There wasn't much choice but guess it's because it's after Christmas and not back to their regular schedule yet (it was Dec 27)

Bought a small Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, perfect tart & tangy treat.
Love their pie, haven't try one that I don't like yet.. tried their Blueberry pie, Peach Melba (they even offered to heat it up for you) and Ben's Pecan Pie (normally I don't like it cause it's usually too sweet but the one at Wanda's, it was extremely well balance and perfect with a cup of coffee)

Just can't resist to buy 2 small squares but it wasn't that good
~ maybe it wasn't fresh enough, maybe pre-baked for the holiday seasons? O_o
usually everything are super fresh

Btw, their latte are not bad and have the cute latte art (better than Ideal's). 
This pic was from my last visit.

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