Friday, January 21, 2011

Snacks =P

 Since it'll be a cold cold freezing weekend, I was thinking maybe a lot of you are thinking about curling up at home and what better than sitting in front of the tv with a bunch of snacks. Yes, being a Couch Potato... nothing better than curling up with my stack of snacks and TVB-ing (Watching Hong Kong TVB Chinese drama).... LOL =P Sorry but for this post, the snacks that I'm featuring are mostly from Hong-Kong/Japan snack store that's mostly available in Chinese Malls.

My addiction of the moment, SUPER SUPER SPICY Frito Lay Chips.
Ok the "DEATH" part tell you how spicy it is
I bought like 4packs last time but only have this last one left and it's currently sold out everywhere in Toronto (if anyone see this, please let me know asap)

Another Super Super Spicy Rings
I have never been able to find this again... my co-worker bought this at TnT and it was way too spicy for him so he gave it to me =P

Dry Squids from Thailand - Spicy (Level 3)
they sell this in 3 levels of Spiciness

Cheese Puffs ~ super cheesy light melt in your mouth puffs.
If you like cheese you'll like this... So GOOD!!!

Calbee Snow Pea Crisps
I'm surprise how you could taste the pea flavor, very very very crispy good.
I'll definitely buy more of this

T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skins 
~ classic favorite of mine and if you like stinky cheese, you'll have to try their Cheese Stick for sure.
Black Diamond Truffle Flavor Chips
~ really nothing special, just salty to me
~ one of my favorite non-fry (chips) snack... healthier =P

Calbee Spicy "Corn" Sticks
~ old favorite, never fails to satisfied me

Plum Candy
~ not too sweet and have a small piece of dry plum in the centre (a whole dry plum in the big one)

Tohato (whatever the name is) ~ this is a BBQ meat flavour goodness
I originally bought this because of the cute packaging and shape
There's 2 flavour, tried both and both as good (^_^)

meiji potato sticks
~ really nothing special, no need to try. I guess i should stick with meiji brand chocolate & sweets only

Calbee Potato Crunch Hot & Spicy Flavour
~ It seems to be the trend in Hong-Kong & Japan to reinvent their chip into a tall container... ?!?
This was really not that spicy and not that good

Very very Cheesy Crackers ~ a rice cracker, slightly denser and crispier than your normal rice crackers

The happy face biscuits(Tohato) is my favorite, super thin cookies/biscuits which pack a tons of flavour. It comes in a lot of flavour but my favorite is Green Tea & Butter.
Shrimp Puffs ~ it's a shrimp version of the Cheese puffs alone, same texture and brand. But it's a bit weird in my opinion.. can't compare to the Cheese one that I love.
(sorry for the horrible picture, took it with my phone a while back)

E&J Shrimp Crackers (Indonesia)
~ super huge, each piece is a big as the bag... there's around 6pcs per bag
I'm eating this as I'm writing this =P
So GOOD !!! No kidding, this was recommended by the owner of the snack store and he said that it's been selling out real quick.. and I was thinking at the time that it's just a Shrimp Crackers... but this is OMG good, best one I've eaten ever
(except for the fresh fried ones)

Pocky Chocolate Crush
~ I normally prefer savory Pocky but this is a nice mix of salty cookie crunch w/ the not too sweet chocolate

 Seaweed Taste Korepad Snack
~ fishies =P

 Furata Palmeirs (Butterfly Cookies) Sweet Potato Flavour
~ I usually get the regular Cream Flavour (which is soooooo good) but decided to try the sweet potato flavour which was new.... although I still prefer the cream flavour much better... this is not bad either, the sweet potato flavour does taste real

Green Tea Cookies
~pack w/ green tea flavour... althought different in texture, I do think it has the same taste as Green Tea Ice-cream =P
Love this, have been buying this for years

Icebreakers - Ice Cubes
~ got one pack in NYC back in July but they don't sell it in Canada =( 
I usually prefer mints to gums but love this.. 
super moist and soft


  1. That is a VERY impressive list of snacks you got there! ^_^ Although I don't snack, I agree that Asian snacks are way better than North American snacks :)

  2. LOL... i did collect these pics over a few months period... I don't have all these at any given time =P

  3. I absolutely love this post! Asian snacks are the best! That Pocky Salty Cookie looks super tasty - my kind of snack!