Thursday, January 20, 2011

BIg Fat Burrito

We did eat before our visit to Ideal Coffee here, we can't live without coffee but we can't live on coffee alone. We want something heavy for lunch hat day so what else better than a big fat Burrito =P You can't help but the garage store, in the summer it's open wide like a big patio and the feel is so casual that you sort of feel at home in your own garage...

We order 2 big fat burrito, one chicken and one steak
There was 5 level of spiciness and we got both in 5... it was quite spicy and I ♥ spicy.

It's self-serve, order and find a seat.
Love the colorful magnetic letters as menu (^_^)


  1. How does this place compare to Burrito Boyz?

  2. LOL, to tell you the truth i havn'e been to Burrito Boyz except after clubbing =P and I always order the fish only....
    But I think the flavour here is more intense with the beans and hot peppers =P

  3. I've never eaten a burrito! Shame on me!

  4. @ Teresa : no shame, just try it when you have the chance =D