Monday, January 17, 2011

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Due to the lack of good food for our NYE dinner here, we decided we have to find a place that's open the next day (Jan 1st) and soon realize that there's none... so we decided to go to Mildred's Temple Kitchen on Jan 2nd since I've a Groupon for $30 for $60 worth Dinner there. I have always wanted to come here back in the summer since they have floor to ceiling window that would be super sunny bright but read about a lot of bad service reviews... so until now in the middle of winter =P

Here are some pics taken outside, love the bridge-like corridor that leads to the restaurant(^_^)

 Drank too much wine during the holidays, so we decided just to order a cocktail (for me) and beer (for him) instead.

Cloud 9 ~ Cazadores tequila with fresh lime & triple sec & cava, blitzed until light & frothy
It was recommended by the server but I really didn't like this, I normally hate too sweet and love sour... but this one is just sour and doesn't really have any other taste, should have just stick with Caesar (just in case you haven't notice from here and here,  Caesar is one of my fave cocktail)

Foie Gras Banana Split ~ one of their Dish du Jour
I just have to order it as soon as I hear seared foie gras (^_^)
We were so surprise at how well the foie gras goes with the banana and ice cream together with the brioche

Handmade Ricotta Gnudi with Swiss chard & sautéed wild mushroom
Gnudi is basically just like Gnocchi but instead of potato is made with cheese. This was really really good, especially if you include a bit of everything from the plate: a piece of the melt in your mouth fluffy Gnudi balls, slightly bitter swiss char, woody mushroom and salty fatty bacon... 
it's just a really great combination of flavour and texture.
It's my favorite dish of the night =D

Duck 2 ways ~ don't remember the exact name but it was the day's special
Everything on the plate was great except for the duck leg (confit), it was very very very salty. I would have return it but Ben like it that salty cause according to him it taste sort of like "Chinese Cured Duck" (鴨)

MTK Burger (his main)~ (famous around the world ~ according to their menu) 
with tomato relish & crispy tobacco onions w/ fries.
We decided we have to order this before we got there since there was so many great reviews about it online... but what a disappointment, it was really nothing special and definitely not worth the $18.
The fries was surprisingly good.

Killer Chocolate Bread Pudding w/ coffee crème anglaise & soused cherries 
Served warm, very chocolate-y, not too sweet... my usual warm gooey dessert =)

Mildred's interior is sleek and modern, with very high ceilings and a large open kitchen. The sweeping space with its industrial feel is still quite welcoming.
Fun Fact: they achieved worldwide fame last February by inviting Valentine’s Day customers to have sex in its washrooms. 

Service was great unlike to most reviews online.
Food was half good and half bad.
I don't think I'll go back anytime soon, maybe in the summer for Brunch

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  1. Great post. I agree with you in that Mildred's lacks consistency. When I read the online reviews it was either really bad or really good, and for me, the service was good but the food was just mediocre, and it seems like you had the same feeling as me? I do have a few friends that say their brunch is better than dinner, but even then Mildred's will not be high on my list for brunch. Although, I do have to say that foie gras banana split sounds amazing =) If I knew about the washroom thing I would've went for sure to check it out LOL

  2. the washroom really was nth special, it's just unisex w/ individual stall w/ own sink =P

    I wish teh Foie Gras Banana Split was on their regular menu so taht I can go back for more =P such a wierd but good combo O_o LOL

    But I do think they are overpriced compare to other similar retaurant

  3. Oh that's it? Spice Route has the same kinda washrooms too, no? I think it kinda sucks that their menu changes all the time...I don't necessarily view that as a good thing unless everything they put out is spectacular but I clearly don't think so. Yup, the food doesn't justify their prices either.

  4. Spice Route washroom are much prettier but too bad their food suck =P

  5. wow foie gras banana split that's really interesting...wished i could've tried that

    yea i agree spice route has cool washrooms but the food isn't spectacular