Friday, January 28, 2011

Burger Bar

Once again me with my coupon that I got on dealicious for $15 for $30 worth at Burger Bar. I was just feeling better after being sick the whole week and I didn't want anything too fancy since I'm still a bit tasteless from the stuffy nose etc but still want to get out of the house... so here we are for lunch and also so that I can go crab a latte at Manic =P

The OMGTMJKM Burger (oh my goodness this might just kill me)
~ 8oz pattie w/ chili, a fried egg, blue, brie, chevre, bacon and an onion ring on whole wheat
Ok, we basically order this for the name sake but it was huge and the first thing both of us said (and the table next to us) was OMG how are you suppose to eat this.
But Ben manage to squeeze it into his mouth without deconstructing it =D
I really didn't feel like the chili did anything to it since the minced beef was dry and do you even need more beef on top of the pattie?!?

The 6 Cheese Burger
~ Cheddar, Smoked Provalone, Gruyere, Blue, Brie & Chevre
Love that I choose this one, the cheese kept the Burger moist and didn't really need any other extra topping. 
Nothing too fancy (not like places where they ask you how you would like your burger done) and cook just right

Onion Rings
We didn't order any sides since we felt like we'll be full enough with the Burger alone... but when we saw other table ordering this.... we just have to order it and it did taste as good as it looks (^_^)

Really relax atmosphere and crowd.

I'm not sure it's worth the price although the Burger is really not that bad, but at a minimum of $6 for a thin 4oz Burger and at least $10.50 for the Basic 8oz Burger.
Maybe I'll go back during summer since they have a big sunny patio in the front that's always pack during summer and do some people watching in Kensington Market.

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  1. I thought about getting this coupon but didn't end up doing so :( Boo looks like I missed out! love all that cheese on ur burger hehe

  2.'s was OK, nothing really really good... it's just I like to go to the area and can get my coffee or even pie afterwards =P