Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keung Kee Restaurant

Went out for dinner mid-week with Ben and his mum, nothing better than having one of my fave yummy hot and hearty Chinese soup at Keung Kee Restaurant at Warden & Steeles (T and T plaza).

Street Style Rice Roll 街邊腸粉
~ Love the extra peanut & sweet sauce w/ toasted sesame. This is the closest you can get in Toronto, of course nothing beats the real thing they have in HK

Pork Bone w/ mustard veggies Soup 豬骨大芥菜湯 
~ so hot, warm, yummy, flavorful goodness. Will warm you up in the cold Winter months
We order this each time we went to Keung Kee, even just the 2 of us and we'll just have this and nothing else =P

The pork bones was full of bone marrow, so Good.
Too bad I finish eating before I realize I didn't take a picture... but look at how big it is, it was full of bone marrow

Bamboo Leaves wrap Crab Rice 竹葉蟹飯
~ the crab wasn't the freshest but the rice infuse with the crab and bamboo leaves flavor

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