Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Highway 61 - Southern Barbeque

Once in a while I would crave for an all meat dinner and it happen about a month ago. We decided to head down to Highway 61 since I have one of those handy coupon once again and also because I'm always in search of good ribs.
But it wasn't that great in spite of all the good reviews online....

61 Cajun Gumbo Soup 
That was my favorite part of the night, it was pack with sausage, shrimp etc and LOVE how it's served pipping hot and super spicy (I love Spicy) (^_^)

We had the Highway 61 Blonde (so watery) & a Guest Tap which I don't remember the name

Rib Sampler Plate
~ A "half of that" helping of their signature pork ribs, a half rack of baby backs and three Dakota beef ribs. Served with taster of homemade baked beans and coleslaw.
Didn't really like the ribs, it was not fall of the bone and the meat was not really season, all you taste was the sauce. The beef ribs tasted the best since beef have much more flavour on it's own not like pork which usually take on whatever flavour you gave them. But the down side of the beef ribs, it's so big hat it's very difficult to eat and it's a big tougher... Love the bean thou but that's about it (O_o)
I was feeling I should just go to the Montana by my house instead of traveling mid-town for this (or just went next door for Duff's spicy wings)

 w/ sides of Jalapeno Cornbread and Sweet Potato and Apple Mash
 Cornbread so so, nothing special and the cinnamon & some other spice in the Mash was just too overwhelming

They have 2 stories and when we arrived we were seated at the last table on the ground floor.
It was so pack even on a cold week night, so maybe it's just me who doesn't think it's good =(

Not Recommend, No Good
Please go to The Stockyards from my post here instead

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  1. I have never heard of this place! Good that you tried it out so now I know I don't have to bother hehe~ I still need to go to Stockyards which I know for a fact that it's really good =D By the way, I find its so hard to find good cornbread anywhere :S

  2. I really don't know what exactly make a good corn bread =P i think it's best only when freshly baked out ofthe oven cause most places re-heat them and it dried up

  3. Haha yeah I guess most of the ones I get are cold and dry. Maybe it's supposed to be that way?! LOL