Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 3 Brewers

After Boxing Day shopping at Eaton Center, we went to The 3 Brewers and it's my 2nd time there. I have always wondered how good is this place since each time I passed by it's packed; then one day without being able to make last minute reservation to the other restaurant that we had in mind and as we pass by, we just decided to give it a try. It's just so convenient to drop by after a day of shopping downtown. It has 3 stories, so it's more probably you'll get a table here than any other restaurant around the area without reservation...

Our First Visit back in July 2010
Since it's a microbrewery-restaurant, we just have to try their beers, so we ordered Et Cetera, it's a 4-oz sample glasses of each beer; blonde, amber, white and brown.

Love the BLONDE ale, so order another 1/2 pint.
Just don't know how to describe it, most of Quebec/Montreal base beer have a very distinct flavor that I ♥

 Duo Formula at $14.50 for a Brewer Special Flammekueche + 1 dessert Flammekueche.
Flammekueche is basically a roll out bread dough with toppings.
It taste totally different that your regular thin crust pizza, I think it's crispier and have more of a cracker feel when bite into it

 Brewer Special Flammekueche ~ Onions, bacon, mushrooms and grated gruyere cheese

Royal Sauerkraut

~ Frankfurt sausage, grilled ham, pork shank and potatoes w/ sauerkraut made from thinly chopped white cabbage cooked in 3 Brewers blonde beer.

This was nothing special, the Pork Shank was ok, not too fat (would prefer more fat), not too salty... but the ham & sausage are really not that good.
(would not order it again)

This was Ben's =P
He ordered another pint of the White (which I don't like)

Dessert Flammekueche from the Duo

We had a choice of Apple&Chocolate or Banana&Chocolate and I choose the 2nd.
I was surprise at how big it was since I expected it to be smaller than the savory version but it was exactly the same size. It was more than enough for the 2 of us to share.
Yummy !!! Love It!!!

We were so full after this, we should have just order the Duo to share =P

Our Second Visit on Boxing Day

After our last visit we already know which beer we prefer. So we order a 1 litre glass of their Blonde ale to share and decided to order a 1/2 pint of their Special Holiday brew to try out.

The 1 litre glass was ginormous

We just order one Appetizers and one Flamm to share since we knew we would be full from all the beer.
Star Platter~ Potato skins with beer battered mozzarella cheese sticks and spicy onion scoops.
I was a bit surprise at how good this was, especially the onion scoops which make me think maybe I should try their Onion Rings next time.
Great with Beer (^_^)

Quebecoise Flammekueche
~ Onions, bacon and Quebec raclette cheese
This was not as good as my my first one, a bit too dry to my taste... should have chosen something w/ tomatoes or pesto...

Good Price, Good Food & Good Beer
I will go back for sure, especially after a day of shopping around the area and don't feel like driving to another restaurant.

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  1. Man the fried food look so good! That 1L glass is awesome :)

  2. very very good... especially after a day of shopping =P