Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gourmet Garden (膳園) - Malaysian & Singaporean Cuisine (food-court)

I have known about this place for years, me & my friends use to go there almost every week during our university years. I thought it was a very well know place for good cheap Malay & Singapore fare but one of my friends just posted some pics of her visit and described it as a hidden gem. I guess it's not that well known afterall, so I decided to blog about it and share it with the world. Gourmet Garden (膳園) is located in a small food-court at 4465 Sheppard Ave  (plaza next to Joey Bravo).

Chicken Satay Skewers @ $5.80 for 6pcs
At that price, I would say it's best deal in town although I would say the sauce is a bit too sweet to my liking but the chicken itself was very well marinated.

Penang Prawn Mee (賓城蝦湯麵) @ $5.80
(only available Sat & Sun)
My favorite!!! The paste in the spoon is just a super concentrate of prawn flavour, I wish they sell that on it's own so that I can have it with my instant noodle at home whenever I like =P
The 3 big shrimps was also super tasty and I was so surprise how nice the bowl are for a food-court.

Singapore Laksa (新加坡叻沙) @ $5.80
~ Vermicelli with Chicken & Prawn in Spicy Coconut Gravy
Note, it's gravy not soup not sauce, I would say the consistency is something in between.
It's basically curry flavour.... the tofu just absorbed the soup and was the best part of the dish.

Roti Prata (印度酥餅) @ $$.50 for 4pcs
~ it include the bowl of curry sauce
We saw someone order it, saw how puffy cute it was and just have to order this.
The curry was a bit too salty but the roti was so fluffy good and really tasty on it own.
**Roti Prata is a fried flour-based pancake that is cooked over a flat grill. It is usually served with a vegetable or meat based curry and is sold all over Singapore in food centers.

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  1. OMG everything looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You totally need to blog more about good value places like these. Keep it up :) the only place I know that has Malaysian/Singapore stuff is Restoran Malaysia but I don't find that their food justify their prices.

  2. you def have to go try.... Restoran Malaysia is really not that authentic and really not that great(I think it's mostly for 鬼佬) =P

  3. Yeh I want to go somewhere that is really authentic. Yeah? I see a lot of Chinese ppl there too tho haha but I just think in general there needs to be more Singaporean / Malaysian restos in Toronto (or uptown) and less crappy Thai places!