Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese Dumpling House (真東北餃子王)

I have been a regular at Chinese Dumpling House (真東北餃子王) located at Metro Square (3636 Steeles Ave East) for years and I love their Steam Dumpling. Generally Chinese serve dumpling 3 ways : steam, boil or pan fried. I really am not that into pan-fried dumplings since I find it way too oily. My favorite boil dumpling is at Dumpling King (東北餃子王) at 3290 Midland Ave. Here, their steam version rule although their boil version are really not that great (^_^) ......

 Cucumber & Pig Ears w/ chili oil
~ this was a cold appetizer. Refreshing cucumber w/ super crispy pig ears

Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings (Egg & Leek)
~ this is my favorite... this is a lot from me since I'm definitely a carnivore. This is a must order every time I visit

a must for Chinese Dumpling eating = black Chinese vinegar & hot sauce

Steamed Pork & Cabbage Dumplings
~ the vegetarian version satisfied me on it's own but Ben insisted that he needs his meat

 Look at all the juice from the pork (^_^)

Sweet & Sour Noodle
~ I work nearby a years ago and use to come here for Lunch all the time with my co-worker and we'll just share a bowl of this noodle plus an appetizer (that's how big a bowl this is)

Verdict :
Tasty & affordable, for all of the above it's for around $25
Everything served super hot perfect for the Cold Winter months of Toronto =D

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  1. AHHH like you, I prefer veggie dumplings too! I like veggie dumplings because they are much more "song" than meat dumplings ^_^ Gotta try this place =D