Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chinese Halal Restaurant 清真中華牛羊館

Went to the 2nd location of Chinese Halal Restaurant  清真中華牛羊館  that recently open at the Finch and Leslie Plaza with my boyfriend and his mum last Friday. Me & Ben have been to the first location at Midland and Sheppard a few times before and glad that there's a closer and better location now (^_^)

As most of you know already that I ♥ spicy food but since we went with his mum who can't handle spicy at all, so we only order 2 spicy dishes

Steam Chicken w/ chili sauce 口水雞
~ served cold, it really translate to Saliva Chicken so instead it says steam chicken on their menu =P
It's not bad but can't beat the one from Backyard Garden Restaurant (半畝園) here which I think is the best in Toronto. Simple but super intense and complex flavor with a touch of sesame oil.

House-made chili sauce O_o"

Deep Fried Sesame Lamb Chop 芝麻羊排
This is one of my fave dish that I always order from the other location, just look at the layers of the crispy skin & sesame, layers of fat and layers of meat with the light vinaigrette dipping sauce.
Please eat it right away when it's HOT and the fat will just melt in your mouth and doesn't fell heavy at all.

House Hand-made Lamb Noodle Soup 手工
We both didn't like the combination of flavor of the soup; it's a mix of lamb, seaweed, coriander etc and it just doesn't go and give it a weird flavor. The noodle is definitely hand made, it was in different length and width; very rustic and you just feel like you are back a few hundreds years eating noodles from street vendors.
The meat was super tender and moist... so I like the noodle and the lamb but the soup is just not my thing =P

Lamb Dumpling 羊肉餃子
I normally doesn't like lamb dumpling since normally they use the really cheap cut of lamb meat and have that overpowering 穌 lamb flavor... but the meat was marinated here so it was some sort of sauce, green onion and veggies meat filling and was super yummy and not 穌 at all

Preserved Edd w/ Chicken 鬆雞腿
This is a cold dish and was suppose to be an appetizer but we got this dish second last.
The chicken was super moist and was so pretty with the preserved egg 皮蛋 wrap inside with the garlicky sauce... somehow the preserved egg 皮蛋 flavor wasn't too strong or overpowering here

The above dish just somehow reminded me of a stuffed chicken like this picture below... which most of the time I find very very dry (like rubber and look sort of like an eraser)... but here it's done super right, the Chinese way which I think must have marinated in some sort of Chinese rice cooking wine before cooking which give it the smooth and moist texture... I'm just guessing =P

Spicy Chicken Bone
Super super spicy hot, ♥ it but too bad they don't have liqueur license cause it would go great with beer. This has a bit of sauce which was very yummy, not as dry as most places.
Many would ask why would you want to munch on bones, but that's where all the flavors are.... and it's for $3.99 only, so great to munch on... I have never try it any cook in any other way though, all the places that I've try chicken bone rack was spicy =P

Very authentic and super affordable.
Will definitely go back on a regular basic since it's so close by (^_^)
Great for a mid-week spicy or meat over-dose cravings (which I have almost every week) =P

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  1. I need to go try this place! The lamb looks crazy good w/ all the FAT =D

  2. it is crazy good... cheap too, I think the whole meal was around $50 only

  3. me too...i'm Chinese and most of these stuff I haven't even tried it yet or even heard of lol