Monday, April 4, 2011


Haven't been in the party scene for a while = no occasion to wear my false eyelashes
(bought a bunch of them really cheap on ebay)
and so when a girlfriend decided to have her birthday party at 5th........

I have come to love them now that I get the hang of how to apply these.... I use to struggle for an hour and end up having it fall off within the first 15 minutes at an event =(
I find it easier to cut it in halves and apply it separately (outer half 1st, then the inner half and feel free to overlap), so much easier to line the lash-line (^_^)

♥ falsies but I just can't bring myself wearing it everyday like most Asians do these days although I have to say that my eyes look way bigger than it actually is =P

This was my fave pic of the nigh, us making funny faces =P

I bought the dress version of the skirt that I wore here and here for only $29.99 at H&M


  1. I think I have the same contacts as u! and your eyes are HUGE! NICE! ^_^ Falsies are awesome i wear them all the time because I'm lazy to put on mascara lol!

  2. this is my fave contact (♥ pink) and it just go with most of my fave eye-shadow =) Really, it looks super natural then, since I've never notice you wearing falsies (in person or in pics) (^_^)

  3. Yeah I love the pink one too ^_^ I bought other ones where it didn't have the black rim like this pink one and it just doesn't look as good~ oh thanks :) I get the criss-cross ones from ebay~

  4. saw one with pink hearts (O_o)?, I'm still thinking if I should get it... weird but so cute, not sure it it'll show on black eyes thou

  5. Oh I got a pair that is pink with hearts...u can't see the hearts when its on the eyes lol

  6. Which website do you get yours from.... I'm always afraid of fake/imitation ones

  7. I already forgot but I had a LOT of trouble w/ them because it took them FOREVER to ship it to me so I thought they took my money and not deliver :( so not gonna recommend that one to you but if I am to buy it from now on (I only found this site after) I would buy it here they are pretty reputable

  8. was just browsing through this website =P hum, it's time to throw out my old one and get another batch