Friday, April 29, 2011


Got a Groupon for $25 for $55 worth of French Fine Dinning and Drink at Loire Casual Gourmet. Ok, that's was the Groupon's deal title and I was wondering how it could be fine dinning and casual at the same time... still not so sure but I would say it wasn't really fine dinning.

When we arrive at around 8:00 it was so pack and we took the last table, I'm glad that we did make a reservation.
The decor was very simple with big windows at the front.

we didn't want to spend too much so we decided to order one of their cheaper wine.... it was so so

not very interesting bread which looks like it's be in this cut form for a while =P

Jim's Rainbow Trout Tartare
~ Yuzu dressing, Cilantro sour cream, Terriyaki glaze, Scallion, Cucumber Salad
Have never had a Trout tartare before and the taste and texture are surprisingly close to tuna =P
I love eveything about it except the overly salty soy sauce around it, I know it says terriyaki glaze on the menu but really it's too salty and it really not thick enough to be a glaze.... really taste like salty soy sauce which over power the fish, would have been better without

Slow Braised Pork Belly
~ Caramelized Onion, Potato Hash, BBQ Sauce, Quail Egg
Very pretty scoring of the skin and it was surprisingly not fatty but very moist with crispy skin.
But the hash really are just boil potatoes which lack flavor, should have a bit of sauce to go with it and shouldn't have name it hash.... and where is the quail egg?!?

Muscovy Duck Breast and Confit Leg
~ Asian slaw, Sweet Potato Puree, Chili, Orange Glaze
Great colorful presentation, the confit leg was fall off the bone good with moist yet crispy skin and love the Asian slaw. Really nothing else to say, good but not spectacular

We were debating if we should get the sweet bread or Lamb burger when we overheard the next table saying the frog legs was really good.

Seared Scallops & Frog Legs
~ Parisian Gnocchi, Cauliflower and snowpeas, Mushroom puree
Just look at the huge pair of frog legs, love the presentation and for me it just look like a pretty ballerina doing a plie =P I have never had really good frogs legs here in Toronto since it's mainly frozen but these one tasted really good although I'm not sure if it's frozen or not. The scallops was very fresh and was cook really well, outside sear to a crisp golden perfection and even the gnocchi was so creamy good.

We skip desert since nothing jumps out at us and because also there's something better across the street.... guess what it is? post coming up next

Good but I don't think I'll go back anytime soon

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  1. oh no i got a voucher for this place as well....i thought it was a french restaurant watz with the asian stuff hmmm think i got tricked here

    the pix looks really yummy i wanna try that tartare

    wat camera did u use the pix are so clear and vivid

    now not so excited bout trying this place guess we will see

  2. I just use a simple Canon S90.

    It's really not that bad, I really think it was good adn great value with the coupon... a plus you can go across before or after for DT =P

  3. This place seems to be a good place to go especially with a coupon :)

  4. I got a voucher for Loire too! LOL. Their online menu looked pretty enticing and I think I'm going to make my visit next week! Haha, yes it's very close to DT and I LOVE their desserts!