Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manic Coffee

Manic Coffee is my fave latte place in Toronto, the best I ever have here and I find myself going back again and again every time I'm in downtown. And after my post here, here, here & here, many of you have heard me rave about Manic and how I need a cup a day.... drop by Manic on Saturday and it was pack as usual and we decided to have ours to go....

Took some random pics while waiting =P

♥♥♥ My Fave Latte ♥♥♥
Love it, first time got this arrow through heart design (^_^) Super Cute !!!
The special thing about Manic is they spend the time to do the latte art on every drinks, even to-go

I have had many latte at Manic before but this time it seems to be not as dense or dark roasted as before (compare to the last two pics and you would understand) and therefore the flavor is not as intense (not as good for me)..... maybe it's just one of those days, I'll still go back to give it another try and maybe I'll get the swan design like the one here.

Ben's Americano and no foam = no art (>__<)

Found this 2 pics from before when we manage to find seats
Leaf Latte Art

Manic Coffee on Urbanspoon

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