Friday, April 29, 2011

Dessert Trends (part 2)

We skip our dessert here and decided to cross the street to Dessert Trends that I first blog here.
They are closing in  half an hour so we quickly made our choices

Passion Fruit Parfait
Isn't this super pretty ♥ The passion fruit mouse was perfect with just enough of tartness adn it's not the "egg shell" is actually made with white chocolate.
I love how DT always have some sort of sauce, fruits or compote on the side of the plate.... they could have easily just place their dessert on the plate and serve it since it's definitely pretty enough on it's own.

This was his dessert and frankly we have been siting here the past hour trying to remember the name and still can't remember the name or the exact topping. But I sure remember it was super yummy & smooth

Verdict :
Never disadpoint, one of the best dessert in town and I love how their dessert are never overly sweet and let the original flavor of the ingredient shine through.
♥♥♥ this place 

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  1. this is on my list to try...that parfait does look adorable cant wait to try out this place one day

  2. That white chocolate "egg shell" is so creative~

  3. yup... everything there looks as good as it taste =D