Friday, April 15, 2011

Orlando: Our Buys

It's been 3 years since we have been dating and to celebrate we went on a trip to Orlando since I really wanted to visit Mickey and the super hot weather is a plus (^_^) 
The Shopaholic that I am, my first Orlando post will be about my buys.... 
Ben actually bought the above figurine for me, it's just so sweet that I have to get it as soon as I lay eyes on it, plus I ♥ Mickey... but it actually look better like that than from the front, much more romantic and sweet and I just imagine them watching the sunset like that.

I also can't resist and bought a bunch of Disney's Vinylmation, there's just so many style there and nothing beat the frill of opening that box not knowing which figure you are going to get
(which also bring up a lot of childhood memory)

Create Your Own Vinylmation x2
 ~got it at the outlet and it was so much cheaper whereas they are still selling it at full price in Disney

The birdy version is kind of ugly but 2 out of 3 is good enough =P

Big Eye 3 Series
~ they have a few series that take out the guess work so I have been able to choose my favorites
Tinker Bell, Black & White Mickey, Mickey and Minnie

♥ the porky egg & burger version, super cute =P

Ben just have an obsession of buying notebook... he have a bunch at home that he only wrote 1-2 pages and a bunch that he still haven't touch but he keeps buying more and more...........

Laptop Case
~ was in the search of a laptop case since my old one is too small for my new laptop and so glad I found this one, it's super colorful and fun

Bought these since they are so cute but I don't think I'll use them any time soon =(
maybe at least I'll use the toast press for now

Love this tea sets so much, it's very cute and Disney yet not too cartooney looking.
Was debating which one to get and end up choosing the huge tea pot... they have tea cups too, wish I could have a larger luggage so that I could buy the whole set =(
(gift for his mum)

Bought this for my gurls at work

Stole this pic from my co-worker facebook, she actually lay out the whole thing to take a picture of it

Last but not least, we woke up late the first day since we check-in pass midnight the night before... so instead of heading to the theme park, we took our time and went for lunch and then head to the Outlet Mall.
Once again I bought way too many pairs of shoe, if I keep this up I'm afraid I'll have more shoes than clothes =P
f21 black platform; $10 Charlotte Russe Wedge; random sandals; a pair of UGG;
 Banana Republic Skirt, f21 x2 dresses,sunglasses, rings & bangle, Juicy Couture Bracelet, random flower hair clip, Gap grey tank, EOS lip balm (it's not available in Canada.. one for me and one for a gf as gift), VS x3 bra & x10 panties ($25 for 10)
Ben's : 2x Banana Republic Shirt, New Balance shirt and a Gap Guiness t-shirt


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