Monday, April 18, 2011

Orlando : Our Hotel, The Peabody

This was my first time to Orlando and I was a bit scared when we first arrive at the airport, let just say it's super "vintage" looking..... and I keep crossing my fingers and holding my breath hoping that our hotel isn't the same. When we approached and as the taxi driver pointed to the tallest and newest looking building which was The Peabody hotel; I was sooooo relieve. I was so scared because our package including flight was $540/ea including tax, which make the hotel stay around $80/night for the 2 of us. Come to think of it, thanks Ben for choosing this amazing hotel which has cute duckies walking around, great swiiming pool & gym (didn't get to enjoy, not enough time), great looking room / bathroom and most importantly a renowned 24hrs  diner (^_^)

That's the AGT train (shuttle) in Orlando Airport and there was also wicked chairs everywhere..... 
so 60's vintangey looking (>____<")

Our Hotel

The Hotel Direcory is a huge iphone/ipad

In the elevator
They have very quick elevator, we haven't waited for more than 15 seconds once

Our room

King size bed with 7 pillows, super comfy (^_^)

 Relatively big bathroom w/ TV in mirror

Look at the duckie soap 

ipod deck / charger for Ben

I-RIDE Trolley, our hotel provide free all-day pass

Only bad thing about our Hotel is overpriced horrible coffee & good looking bad tasting treats

After our 1st day shopping trip (our buys here)

Highly recommend The Peabody Hotel
$10/ea shuttle to Disney, within minutes to Universal and free i-ride to all nearby restaurant and 2 Outlet Mall


  1. Oh my goodness that is such a good deal for such a modern hotel! Props to Ben for finding that! Haha you know what made me laugh? "good looking bad tasting treats" =D O super cute pic if you two in the bathroom HEHE~

  2. Geez, you are quick gurl =D I was still reading it myself, LOL. Thanx!!!
    it's from Expedia, seems to have a lot of good deals these days =P

  3. so much great deals right now... wish I have more vacation days =P

  4. Hey, that was a pretty good deal! Too bad you only had limited time. Hmm, I was amazed with the ducks roaming around the hotel. I don't believe I've experienced that before. I wonder why the hotel owner went with that idea for the hotel.