Friday, April 29, 2011

Pancho's Bakery (Churros)

Last Saturday was so nice out that we decided to head down to Kensington Market for lunch... after lunch we decided to head to i deal coffee (previous post here) for our daily dose of caffeine, we notice that  a lot of people were eating Churros,,,, and I immediately think "it must be good" =P

It's from Pancho's Bakery and when we arrived, there was a line up and everyone was there for the churros (aka Spanish donuts).

The first thing you see when you enter the bakery is the churros making station o(^Δ^)o

We were so full after lunch that we only bought 2 to share, one Chocolate and one dulce de letche.
It's the fluffy-est one I ever had and both flavor are great although a bit too liquidy that a lot end up in the bag.. or maybe because the churros was too hot out of the fryer and filling squeeze right away when you order (the frying & filling process are all done behind the cashier)

Super yummy & fluffy CHURROS !!!! So Good !!!
I won't be able to resist to get the 4pcs deal the next time I am there and maybe try some of their other goodies too =P

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  1. i went in there but didnt buy anything but didnt buy anything since i was stuffed from my dinner at el trompo & mexican salsas lol

    have you tried the churros by harbourfront they are really yummy always a long lineup in the summer

  2. you should try next time and there's Wanda's pie in the sky too... Yummmmm

  3. Fried dough rocks in any culture :)