Thursday, April 14, 2011

i feel like crêpe

i feel like crêpe, more like i feel like crap and good thing that I went only because I got a coupon of $9 for $20 worth of Food and cocktail from Dealicious. The place was empty when we arrive maybe we were too early and should have waited until it gets dark then maybe it would be a better atmosphere.... so this will be a short and quick post.

On a Saturday sunny afternoon there was only 2 customers when we went in and the decor doesn`t look that great either in the bright sunny light =(

My Lollypop Martini
For only $6.99/ea it wasn`t that bad (most places charge twice as much) since they didn`t skim on the alcohol although it`s very plain looking.

We order one sweet and one savoury crêpe to share since we already had lunch. They cook it by the front of the store by the window and while we waited, there wasn't any smell whatsoever drifting our way.... guess that's not a good sign since most of the crêperie that I have been would smell so good even when you walk by you would be attracted to go in just from the smell

Victor Savoury Crêpe
~ Prosciutto, sun dried tomato, sour cream, feta, olive, havarti
The crepe itself was dense & heavy without much flavor... there was way too much prosciutto which was super salty plus the olive, it was just overwhelming and not enough of cheese (should have some sort of creamier texture).

FiFi Dessert Crêpe
~ Nutella & Banana
This is usually my all time favorite crêpe flavor, simple yet the perfect combination... but this crepe was so dry and hard which I think is overcook that I have nothing else to say (O_o)

 If it wasn't for the deal, I don't think I'll ever know/heard about this place...
Horrible.... would like to try Cafe Mania next and hope I would have a better experience.

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  1. Gawd it sounds horrible! I went once for drinks after having dinner in the area at night so the place didn't look as bad in the dark :S

  2. What a clever name. I feel like crepe. Wow, awesome.

    I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested.
    strawberry freckleface

  3. Oh wow, I'm surprised! I've actually considered coming here because it's on the list of "Best crepes" in BlogTO. I'm kind of skeptical now. But about Cafe Mania; I've tried their crepes and they're pretty good! I had one with apples and they gave me SO many pieces.. it was pretty insane, lol. Well worth your money!