Monday, April 25, 2011


This is my default outfit which you could say a boring outfit.... I always tend to go to my jean mini skirt when I run out of outfit ideas (jean short in this case, I'm just starting to like short). And also for times that every outfit that you put on just doesn't feel right (not in the mood for etc). Sometimes I'll just spend an hour staring at my closet and changing about a thousand times before I said screw this & throw on what I have here.

Outfit Details: 
Shorts - F21; Faux Leather Jacket, Mickey t-shirt & bag- ZARA;  
Shoes - JC (here) from Little Burgundy


  1. Nice outfit! Loving the cute mickey shirt w/ the leather jacket ^^ So besides food i see another similarity between us...I love jean shorts/skirts over tights lol =D

  2. LOL, I use to live in them but now that my office is business casual and have been trying to love more girly dresses these days, I don't wear it as much =P