Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thai Bistro

A friend recommended Thai Bistro when we were having dinner at Khao San Road here and we decided to go with 2 other friend who live nearby. I have to say I have never notice this place although I'm always in the area for my Spicy Korean food and time to time soju at Turbo which is basically next door (O_o) The first thing when I head in was how "take out" looking it is with only 4-5 tables in very tight space and we were the only table the whole time we were there with only a few walk in for take outs. And while waiting for our friends, we browse through the menu and realize that it was rather expensive compare to better Thai restaurant that we have been, I mean real restaurant with waiters, decor and much better seating etc. I mean the pricing almost compare to dt places, I usually don't mind crappy/cheap decor as long as it a good and cheap meal like here....

Mango Salad
really nothing special about this; fresh mango, not too ripe so that there's still that crunch but really didn't add much to it.... had better, would have prefer it to be a tiny more dress and spicy

Tom Yum Goong
It was watery and not that much flavor, almost like the cheap soup cubes for hot pot that you get at the supermarket.... nothing compare to the great one that we had at Khao San Road here

Pineapple Fried Rice
We can't even finish this cause it wasn't good and the lack of presentation doesn't help either.
There was barely any pineapples, even had better at "cha chang tang" (茶餐廳, Hong Kong style Bistro)

Panang Chicken
It was way too sweet and barely any curry flavor, wish it was a tad spicy at least

Beef Green Curry
This is probably the best of the night, you can definitely taste the coconut milk but barely enough of the green curry flavor... I like the one at Salad King much better.

Pad Thai w/ Chicken & Shrimp
It definitely not the ketchup type and it was OK but not great like the one here

Nothing great but good enough for grab and go if you live nearby

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  1. Whoa that pineapple fried rice look pretty sad! But I guess like you said, it's sufficient for thai cravings / takeout food in the area when Khao San Road is not easily accessible haha~

  2. I'll choose Korean food around the area anytime =P

  3. lol i always wondered about this place but just like u i only go to korean restos in the area now after reading ur review i don't have to wonder anymore

  4. Thai Bistro is by far the best in the city. Authentic and run by Thai family

  5. Hum, maybe it's too authentic for me then or I didn't order the right item :(