Monday, May 2, 2011


Got a Dealfind coupon of $39 for $80 worth of French Cuisine and Drinks at Paramour. A friend have raved about this place for a while now but nothing really interested me to go given my to-eat list is already so long until this deal came on. I was a bit tired of all the Italian deals that's on, finally some french cuisine. Made reservation for 9:00 and it was packed, we basically stood at the door for almost 10 minutes before we were ask to sit at the small table right in front of us... good thing there was a table leaving and we decided to switch (the first table was incredibly tiny, I would say like a side table).

~ their own custom infused spiced vodka,
kicked up with horse radish, lime, peppercorn and a custom blend of 5 chillies
Yummy, ♥ how it's really really extra spicy... spiciest Cesar I've had =P 

We basically order everything at once, the Cesar, the wine and the food since it was already so late.
When bringing over the cocktail, he told us the wine will be right up.... but after waiting for a while we just ask for it and only a glass was bought over when we specifically ask for a bottle and 2 glass

Duck Confit & Endive Salad
~Ontario Duck leg, Rainbow Beets, Mixed Endive and Watercress w/ warm sherry vinaigrette
Duck confit and beets which is 2 of my faves, how could I resist not ordering this....
but it was quite a disappointment, there was barely any duck with 3-4pcs of beets and the vinaigrette was barely there and definitely not warm..... this one here is what I call a beet salad =P

Nova Scotia Scallops and Bacon Chowder
This was less thick and creamy than we anticipated but it was so delicious and yummy... just we have a baguette with us at that point (btw, we still haven't got any bread)

We were then told that they were baking it and that's why it was late... but oh my, it was pipping hot crispy moist yummy goodness.... it looks like it was fry but I actually ask the waitress about it and she said that it was bake with a special mix of flour and then finish with a few layers of olive oil... so good, my favorite thing of the night ( I have a soft spot for bread) ♥

Maple Mustard Glazed Ontario Pork Tenderloin
 ~ bell peppers, sauteed mixed beans, roasted rosemary smashed potatoes
 I was really expecting some sort of mustard crust but I could barely taste the mustard and the best part of the dish was really the beans where all the flavor was.

Steak Frites
~ 10 oz rib-eye au jus, crispy fingerling potatoes, lemon mayonnaise
Like this better than my Pork, but really it's steak nothing special but the potato wedge was a surprise (usaully it comes with skinny fries) and pretty good.

Pumpkin Creme Caramel
It was good but really nothing great

Service was lacking with so-so dishes
Don't think I'll go back anytime soon given the selection there's out there.
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  1. The bread DOES look scrumptious!!! Haha yeah tell me about it there is just toooo many "Italian" restaurants in Toronto, it's crazy! That Caesar looks divineeee~

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