Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Canadian Pie Company

Headed to Leslieville for brunch this past Saturday but there was line up in most places (aka Lady Marmalade and Bonjour Brioche) and then we remember that we wanted to try The Canadian Pie Company.

♥ this check list 

As you can see it's all pie ♥
There is some danish and small crumbles to choose form and they have also start serving Lunch/Brunch menu.... but it a pie shop, so obviously we ordered all pies/quiches =P
Oh, they do reheat the pies for you.... so it server warm which make it smell extra good

Frankly, I wasn't that happy since they provided us with a menu that wasn't very accurate... both of our first 2 choice wasn't available =(

 Spinach & Goat Cheese Quiches
 Cheese + buttery crust = heavenly creaminess 
My only complain would be the overly dress side salad w/ way a too vinegar

 We originally wanted the Sirloin Steak Pie but it was "sold out" then we switch to Lamb Sheppard's Pie and it was "sold out" too =D

Chicken Pot Pie
 The crust was heavenly, so flaky and you can smell the buttery goodness from a mile away.
I was expecting some sort of cream sauce in it as is the norm for chicken pot pie but this one was without a drop of sauce but the chicken was super flavorful and moist.

LOL, I didn't even know Ben took this pic until just now when I was loading the pic.
I was over at the counter choosing my dessert pie (^_^)

Lemon Meringue Pie
As soon as we enter the shop, we decided we need to get this even before ordering our savory version =P
This is so pretty and just catch both of our eyes and it tasted as good as it looks.
The meringue was super light & fluff whereas the lemon custard was quite tart/sour (the way I like it)

Look at how fluffy the meringue is =D

Peach & Raspberry Pie
It's more a pastry crust compare to you traditional pie crust and love it... super flaky, super buttery and with minimal of sugar added (I don't like overly sweet dessert) although I would have wish there;s a tiny bit more fillings =P

Verdict :
I may go back sooner than you think for a 9" or 11" Fruit pie =P
I will def. go back again and again even if it's only for take out or save for dinner after lunch in the area.

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  1. All the pies you got look extremely good :) I've never been here nor at Wanda's...I think it's time for me to go try out some of these pies! I'm always concerned that I will be too full afterwards...but from the size of yours it looks "okay" =D

  2. don't worry, you won't be full unless you order the 9" for yourself =P
    I ate the savoury one and wasn't full at all and still had room for the fruit pie and it was just right

  3. oh wow everything looks so yummy i dunno wat to get now lol i want it allllll:)

  4. there was a pear cottage cheese something, but was sold out and I really wanted to try it =P

  5. ooo hmmm gotta go when summer comes IF it ever comes lol stupid rain

  6. Yes, I can't wait for patio time and in desperate need of a tan =P