Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Inatei is one of my go to sushi place uptown and it's basically next to where I work, so I've been there for lunch and dinner for quite a few time but never really took pictures =P It is one of the few places uptown that you could get fresh good quality sashimi instead of the AYCE Japanese places that's all over Richmond Hill. I'm personally not into AYCE due to the lack of quality and I only go for friends gathering but never on my own. When the owner saw me taking pictures, he came over to make sure the name of the restaurant is in the pic and ask me to share it on facebook =P

Love the wood accent with the bright black and red flower seats =)

there's 2 more private room at the end of the restaurant

One of my fave SAKE ♥

 Complimentary Salad and Miso Soup

Sashimi Moriawase
Fresh, yummy !!! what else need I say

This was some sort of special version and was way overpriced but it was so SWEET

 Salmon Roe Sushi (my must order at every sushi place)

  ~ octopus, cucumber & seaweed in house vinaigrette
 This was not as good as I remember having last time, the octopus lack of flavor.. maybe should have left it in the vinaigrette for a bit longer

Fried Soft Shell Crab
It was served piping hot, it was so fresh and quite a big size.

Chicken Wing stuffed with dumpling
This was really good but way overpriced for just one wing which I could get 3pcs at the same price at Izakaya Ju from my post here

Cucumber Roll w/ spicy salmon
♥ it, super cuter, great presentation, super refreshing and light.
No rice here, replace by the cold thin slices of fresh cucumber and the only thing I'll change about this is wish the crab meat is replace by the more salmon =P

Uni hand-roll (sea urchin)
We just can't resist and have to order this, there was quite a bit of uni in it and you'll get some in very bite until the very end

Sesame Ice-Cream
We order 1 scoop but our waiter actually came back and said it was complimentary from the owner and ask us if we would want one for each instead.... but since we also ordered another dessert, we stick with only one

Tofu Cheesecake
This was super smooth and light with just very light hint of tofu and cheese flavor without one overpowering the other. It was a great end to our meal and cleans our palette after all the fish and sake

Verdict :
Have been coming since it open and won't be stopping anytime
Fresh Sashimi, well priced sake, great location and very friendly service

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  1. Inatei is now added on my list because of you! =D Cucumber roll looks very cute =) I like the decor actaully looks like they put some thought into it haha

  2. great post...i wanna try everything except the uni

    how was the black sesame ice cream?

    that tofu cheesecake sure looks yum

    i've been to izakaya ju but never tried the chicken wing yet gotta go back to try that

  3. yup, I try cucumber rolls in other places and it just look like regular rolls but love this one.... but the other places have thinner cucumber but guess to hold it up you need thicker slices =D

    the sesame ice cream was so so nothing special, the best is still Yuzu's but love the tofu cheesecake =P

  4. *super like* thank you for the review. Gonna check this place out soon.

  5. Thanks Dez =D
    Do you like uptown? Cause this is a really convenient location. Glad you like it cause I feel like a lot of people are not willing to travel downtown for dinner when you live uptown.. so I like doing some uptown review from time to time =)