Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miller Tavern

We decided to stay in midtown for this year Mother's day brunch. Since I live with my bf, I celebrate Mother's day with his mum while remembering mine (I know you are looking over me Mum). We make reservation for Miller's Tavern since they are serving Mother's Day Brunch specials.

We ordered 2 sets of the Brunch Prix-Fixe and 2 of us just order Burgers.
Brunch Pastry Basket (from the prix-fixe)
There was an assortment and was enough for the 4 of us to share. Really nothing special except for the large round cracker that's airy light with sprinkles of sugar & cinnamon

Mimosa & Red Sangria (drinks from the prix-fixe)
I had the Red Sangria and it lack of presentation as in flavor, wish they had some sort of fruits in it

Okanagan Springs
Decided to order a beer to go with our Burger and I really like it =P
(me and Ben shared a prix-fixe and a burger)

Miller's Burger
~ with aged cheddar, smoked bacon and caramelized onions
I had a burger night with friends the last time I was here and really liked it. I was craving for a simple burger that day but their lamb burger is really good with the fig & apricot chutney (last time there was a blueberry blue cheese burger and a filet mignon burger but it's no longer on the menu)
The price was very high for a burger thou given there's so many good burger join in Toronto these days and only when I got the bill that they charged me $4 for the side salad on top of the $15 Burger.

Lobster and Shrimp Coddled Eggs (our prix-fixe)
~ Lobster, shrimp, Parmesan cheese sauce w/ seasonal fruits
It was served bubbling hot, so cheesy and creamy = good, I mean it just have to be good and the surprise was that there was actual big chucks of lobster and shrimp in it. But wish they would have served it with toasts or a side salad instead of the fruits cause it just doesn't go together... the fruit felt weird after the cheesy concoction  O_o

This was a Mother's Special and since I didn't taste it I really don't remember what's in it

Bailey's Cheesecake (prix-fixe)

 Vanilla Creme Brulee (prix-fixe)

Pictures from my last visit :
Duck Poutine

Calamari ~ not that good

Seafood Platter ~ taste as bad as it looks (the crab claw just remind me of the Chinese ones)

Burger ~ Blueberry Blue Cheese, Bacon, blueberry chipotle ketchup,coleslaw & salad
I actually order this last time and like it a lot especially the harder bun that came with it

Lamb Burger ~ Moroccan spices, fig & apricot chutney& yam fires
The potatoes fries tasted not too good, probably frozen ones

Burger ~ Filet Mignon, peppercorns,chevre fin cheese, roast tomato relish, coleslaw & fries

Verdict :
I don't think I'll go back anytime soon unless for some patio time when I don't want to travel all the way to downtown.
Service is very average and price is high.
Only the Burgers are good but could easily find better and cheaper place in downtown.

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  1. The burgers DO look really good, all their variations sound very unique and delicious. Too bad their other stuff doesn't seem as good =( That $4 side salad is steep! That crepe also looks a bit underwhelming~

  2. It's really overpriced especially with all the Burger places that pop up this past 2 years or so

  3. funny i drove past this place yesterday & was wondering about the food

    i think ur pix from ur previous dinner looks way better