Monday, May 2, 2011

Miller's Ale House (Orlando)

We went shopping at an Outlet Mall after lunch here and we were tired and stuffed for quite a while... and only after walking around our Hotel, we only felt hungry at around 10:00 and most places are close for dinner already but  Miller's Ale House is still pack and we decided to go in at least for some cold beer and didn't have much expectation for the food.... it is a chain restaurant in the states and everything was so cheap compare to most of the bars in Toronto.

5 for $7.95 Bud Bucket

should have tried some of their special tap offerings.... but was already so full after the 5

Blackened Zinger Melt @ $9.79
This is really tasty although Chicken breast is not my favorite.... should have ordered something like that but fish, I bet it'll taste even better

Ale House Combo @ $9.95
~Crab Mozzarella, Conch Fritters, Fried Mozzarella & Spinach Dip w/ tortilla chips.
Didn't expect to be that huge since normally it cost more just for the dip... it was great with beer =P

Verdict :
Great Value, Great Food, Friendly atmosphere
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  1. That ale house combo looks good :) all that fried stuff *drools* ~ Sigh i miss their cheap food lol

  2. yup, so many cheap food.... I don't understand why it's so expensive here =(