Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinquecento Trattoria

It was so nice out last Saturday that I took out my Fabfind coupon of $25 for $60 worth at Cinquecento Trattoria that I saved up for a sunny day since they have a great rooftop patio.... but the rooftop patio wasn't open and only the one outside and we were lucky to grab the last table.... and the service wasn't all that great and there was only one waiter and it took him forever to come over to take our order, if it wasn't for the great sunny weather I would have been really piss....

I totally forgot to take pictures of the place, 
but you can find some on their facebook page here and blogTO here

Here's the building right across, we both just love the old bricks =P

Still waiting

 His Mill Street Organic & My Mojito
The Mojito was tasteless, no mint flavor, no sugar, no rum and it's basically like drinking plain soda.... so bad that we left it untouch and we order a glass of white each at the end, so the waiter ask me about it and told him the reason and he end up taking it off our bill.... good thing, if not I'll be doubled piss (>_<)

~ bowtie pasta, smoked salmon, sweet peas with saffron cream sauce.
It was good but really nothing special

~ tomato sauce, mozzarella, sardine, red onions, capers, roasted garlic
This was surprisingly good but nothing compare to the other pizzeria that have their wood burning pizza oven... but all the flavors was great, the ssardine was too salty for me but loved the roasted garlic and the amount of sauce and cheese was perfect...

Star of the day was their chili oil....
so good, it was actually spicy compare to most chili oil that pizza places have

Verdict :
Not horrible but nothing great !
Will not go back for the food but maybe just because of the nice rooftop patio when it's actually HOT

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  1. I guess some restaurants really do survive by relying on their patio :) That pasta looks like its home made with a can of mushroom soup lol~ Pizza looks decent tho ^^ Yup, chili oil that is actually spicy makes a big impression heh

  2. Yup... heh, beer and wine can't be bad so I'll go back just for that patio =P
    or maybe I'll stick to School's patio instead =P

  3. cool, I never knew there's a restaurant there even though I go to work down the street!

  4. I'm not sure about their weekdays service but if it's the same as our weekend service, I don't think a normal 1 hour lunch will be enough =P