Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fondue Night (Chocolate)

Thanks to my girlfriend Karen, we get to gather together at her place every other month to chat and catch up...  like hot pot night I posted here or cheese and wine night. This time it's Chocolate Fondue Night (^_^).

Btw, have you watch this week episode of Glee, Brittany got a new web-show call " Fondue for two"
After watching it made me want to post this right away =P

Lindt dark Chocolate & Milk Fondue

Fruit Platter
Personally I think bananas and strawberries are the only fruits you'll need for chocolate fondue

Karen's Homemade Pound Cake

 Karen's Almond Biscotti
This was sooooo GOOD, wish I had a cup of coffee =P 
Note to self : should ask her to do some baking post with me

I know this is not a common ingredient for chocolate fondue but it goes really really well together =)

This was the surprise of the night =D
Steak and Sausage
When she said that she read online that people do use steak and sausage for chocolate fondue we were all doubting her.... hummm, I didn't really like the steak with the Chocolate, the texture and taste didn't really go for me so I end up eating it by itself (♥ the red center). But the salty and a bit harder texture of the sausage goes surprisingly well with the dark chocolate and I really really like it.

2 Reds & 1 White

Ideas for next gathering :
Soju Night or Cheese Fondue Night


  1. Wow props to Karen for organizing this extravagant girls' night :) Her pound cake and biscotti look scrumptious!

  2. it'd not really Girls night, Ben and her bf was there too plus Mary =D

    yup, ♥ her for always organizing