Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Parlor Foods & Co. [Canadian]

Ben ask me recently what's Canadian cuisine really? Same as American? We were trying to think of dishes that's originated from Canada and trust me, our list was rather short... So I remember the recently opened Parlor Foods & Co. (@parlorfoods). Seeing the menu, I guess Canadian cuisine is more about the ingredients than the dish itself... what you think?

Love the entryway of wood logs, I was already expecting to be transported to a rustic Muskoka cabin and indeed... love the high barn board tables and the coffee burlap sacks covering the ceiling

They do not have a menu online since it changes daily depending on the ingredients of the day.

Heard that their cocktails are amazing, so I just had to try but I had to say good job on the all local wine list.

Smoke the Sky $15.00
~ Tequila Tromba Reposado, Luxardo Maraschino, Sage Shrub, Chili
Being the Tequila fan that I am, it's obvious that I will ordered the only tequila cocktail on the menu and I am always a sucker for smokey flavor. Didn't really taste the chili but love the smokey flavor, what they did was smoked the glass on top of a wood plank right before pouring in the concoction.

Mulled Wine $10
~ made with sweet Vermouth, Benedictine and Christmas spices
Breads $4
~ Sumac, Thyme, Garlic Focaccia, Sourdough, Daily Tapenade
Just like everything on their menu, the bread is made in house as well.There was way to much focaccia which is extremely dense and filling and really not a great accompaniment to other dishes, so we can barely finish half of it, wished there was more of the sourdough instead. The eggplant tapenade was slight sweet and refreshing which was delicious.
Also wanted to try their pickles but for $8, we found it a bit steep compare to the price of most of their other appetizers at the same price.

Charcuterie $18
~ Lardo, N'Djua, Cotechino, Salami, Duck Procciutto, Potted Foie Gras
Was totally disappointed that they were out of the potted foie gras but since they cured their meant in house, I still wanted to try it but without a paté or terrine though the platter was missing something although I love everything here.

Horse & Bones $24
~ Roasted Bone Marrow, Horse Tartare, Esabiche, Garlic Toast, Salt
This was way bigger portion that I have expected, huge bone that actually have a lot of bone marrow in it (not sure about you but I have my share of fairly empty ones). Never could have imagine horse tartare would go so well with the fattiness of the bone marrow.

East Coast Seafood Boil $26
~ Mussels, Clams, Lobster, Spot Prawns, Lemon, Hawt Sauce, Drawn Butter, Celery
 This was fresh and perfectly cooked, all that's needed for a seafood boil. I personally love the fried prawns head which was crispy and filled with yummy goodness.

Parlor Ice Cream Sandwich $10
~ Chocolate Fudge Cookies + House made Whisky Ice Cream
Thought everything was very reasonably price until this, although it was extremely delicious with the chewy warm cookies... it was definitely a bit tiny for $10 and they didn't event try with the presentation.

Sumac & Corn House made Ice Cream $5
This was surprisingly good, the waitress said that it reminded her of Captain Crunch Cereal. Love the sweet creamy corn flavor with the slightly tart sumar berries. So good!!!

Couldn't ask for better service and all the dishes were amazing
Will definitely be back to try more of the other dishes
It's 3mins away from Ben's workplace, so perfect to meet up for dinner when he have to work late.

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