Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playa Cabana

I am always on the lookout for a good Mexican meal and seeing an Instagram picture of Playa Cabana (@PlayaCabana) burrito, it was so colorful and pretty that I just have to try it :D We arrive for a late Saturday brunch and it was still half full and I can totally expect it to be bustling in a few hours, def a neighborhood gem. When we drover by, we almost miss the place since it's nestle among other houses.

The place is rather small with a small kitchen next to the bar

Single Amber Agave Margarita $8
This was perfect, with just teh right amount of tart, sweet, salty (salt rim) and alcohol ;)

Dos Equis XX Amber Beer $6

Ceviche of the Day $9
This was a bit watery and just end up being so messy when you try to scoop with the tortilla chips

Guaca Fresca $8
~ each guac is made to order in a lava rock molcajete with spicy, medium or mild to choose from
Of course we order spicy and that's the first time I remember we were given the choice for guac.
It was very creamy and bit of jalapeno peppers that just give it a pop ;)

Taco de Pescado $13
~ Baja "catch of the day" fish taco w/ a Tecate-cerveza battered ($14 for non-battered/grilled fillet)
Ben ordered this and of course he choose the battered style but I would love to try the grilled version.... oh well, next time
The beer battered was really thin and crispy but wish there was more of a sauce/wet component to it

Playa Burrito $14
~ choice of chicken, veggies, ancho-braised steak and pork carnitas wrapped w/ melted Oaxacan cheese, rice, choice of beans served w/ fresh guac, pico de gallo, crema, green tomatillo sauce and red tomato sauce
This was what attracted me to come here and it tasted as good as it look... isn't this one of the prettiest burrito you have ever seen (at least for me).  It was a really big portion and can be easily share between 2 people after the appetizers. Everything was perfect here, I got the ancho-braised steak which was recommended by our waiter and it was so soft and moist. The best part here was the green tomatillo and tomato sauce that filled the plate, you would thing that's a bit much but once you dig in you'll know it's just right

 For more heat, we were given 2 house made hot sauce : a habanera salsa & a roasted chile arboles salsa. The heat of the 1st do creep up on you which I love (I did almost finish the entire thing) while the second was more refreshing with just a tiny touch of heat.

 me intagram-ing (^_^)

Verdict :
Love this place and heard they are opening a 2nd location soon
Will def go back for my next Mexican craving without hesitation
Great Portion, Great Price & Great Service
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