Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food Truck Eats #awesTRUCK2012

A year ago, Suresh Doss transformed Toronto street food scene like no other into something other than hot dogs, into something trendy with  Food Truck Eats (see my postof the forst events here & here). Last month, I was lucky enough to attend the 1 year anniversary of Food Truck Eats at Evergreen Brick Works where all the food trucks compete for the top spot in these 8 categories and here are the winners (drumroll please) :

People's Choice ~ Gorilla Cheese
Best New Truck ~ Dobro Jesti
Road Warrior ~ El Gastronomo Vagabundo
Best Dish ~  El Gastronomo Vagabundo's Tempura Cod Taco
Best Concept ~ El Gastronomo Vagabundo
Best Popup ~ Fidel Gastro
Best Design ~ Rome'n Chariot
Best Graphics ~ Blue Donkey Streatery

Eat St. host James Cunningham was there to cover this first ever Southern Ontario food truck awards

Apart from the 7 food truck finalist, there was also 6 pop-up vendors and 3 surprise food truck which we didn't got to try since they open way later (Fidel Gastro, Stuff & Gourmet Gringos)

I was lucky enough to get a media pass which started an hour earlier and which also meant no line up; so I immediately head to the one food truck who usually have the longest line up =P
Just so you know, I didn't eat all that by myself... I shared everything with Justine (@foodigatorJ) and then later with Ben who joined us an hour later with his VIP ticket (AYCE for an hour).

 Love them, I make sure to line up for their cheesy goodness at every event.

 the jacked lemon
~ a new dessert sandwich using fresh berries, lemon curd & "marsh"carpone spread on white bread
This was just heavenly, I wish I can recreate this at home. 
The sweetness mascarpone cheese goes perfectly with the tart lemon curd and the juicy blueberries just gave it the perfect flavor and texture combination.

the o.g. (original gorilla)
~ just like mum used to make, only better, traditional grilled cheese using jensen's cheddar on white
It's Justine (@foodigatorJ) first time, so she decided to try the original and I have to say that it's one of my fave... simple and comforting goodness

Serving up their spin on international street food, offering a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.

Tempura Cod Taco (Best Dish)
~ pineapple + habanero hot sauce, toasted coconut sour cream, red cabbage + green apple slaw

 Spring Onion + Coconut Pancake
~ smoked chicken, quickled cucumber, radish, chili caramel, fresh lime
Pink Peppercorn + Lime Tonic

 We tried both the S.S.T Texas Brisket Slider & N.Y.Cut Pulled Pork Slider which comes w/ their Smoked Mac Daddy & Cheese
We didn't like either and it was probably the only thing we ordered that we didn't finish. It was rather dry and lacking of flavor although we asked for extra sauce, it didn't look it it :(
The mac & cheese were just bland and definitely lack seasoning.

Ouzo Mayo Calamari in a Pita
Still haven't try them out but as per Yvonne (@th3hungrycat), the calamari was perfectly cook

They were at Night It Up but didn't get to try, so I was excited to try it out after hearing so many good things from my friends

Love the cute menu #SoAsian (^_^)

Cuttlefish Ball Taco
~ deep fried cuttlefish balls, watermelon raspberry castrique, garland chrysanthemum pickled white melon rind 
 That was probably one of my fave item of the day, the batter was super thin and the cuttlefish was cook just right. Love when Asian fusion is done well which tends to be a rather tough task.

Chicken Satay Taco
~ grilled satay chicken, satay sauce, coconut sticky rice, pickled cucumber
The rice ball was too heavy and a gooyee mushy texture which we didn't like. Also wish there was some sort of satay sauce to tide everything together although the chicken was perfectly marinated.

Viet Pork Neck Taco 
~ grilled pork neck, cabbage slaw, julienned pear, scallion oil
Again it look rather blend, wish it had some sort of sauce/salsa....

Sweet Corn Fritters
~ corn fritters, sweet corn puree, white chocolate

Caramel Apple Pie Cupcake, finalist for Best Dish
I personally found it way too sweet and dry out overnight.

Babi on a Bun 
~ braised pork belly on a fried Chinese bun
This was delish but wish the fried bao was made fresh/served hot.

 Sate Padang 
~ beef tongue satays w/ rice cakes + gravy
Love the flavor and the tongue was cook well but wish it was less gravy-y/glue-y 
Tahu Goreng 
~ veggie stuffed fried tofu w/ peanut sauce + indo salsa

Time for a drink, wanted something refreshing so went for the 30 Bench Riesling 2011

Tromba Awestuck Punch
The tequila with the summer juice is simple yet perfect (btw, I grew up drinking Ceres Fruit Juices all the time and I basically love every one of the flavor and this being one of my fave)

 Tried their Nightmärzen Oktoberfest Style Lager and we both love it. It had an orangey-amber color with very malty flavor and a very clean finish


Kulua Pig Plate
~Braised pork shoulder in Hawaiian style bulgoggi sauce w/ jasmine rice
This was surprisingly good, I actually skip this vendor but good thing Ben thought otherwise.
The meat was incredibly moist and flavorful and the extra sauce is just perfect with the rice :)

Meant to try back their Taiwanese street food back at Night It Up but due to the rain, they couldn't start their fryer that day.... but I did love their Yoduly Lime drink (had 2 last time & another one here)

 TW. Popin
It was Taiwanese popcorn chicken and it was perfectly seasoned and served piping hot.
You can ask for extra spicy where they will sprinkle dry chili flakes on top and did I mention that I love the fried basil on top *so good*

TW. Skin Chips
We had to wait for quite a bit for this since the ingredient didn't arrive until later but it was worth the wait. The DF chicken skin was just a spicy hot fatty crispy goodneess.

 Live Sea Scallop
~ BBQ'd w/ parmesan, calebrese, garlic, chilies
Nothing special and the pasta on the side was so mushy and bland

 Atlantic Lobster Roll
~ caper & tarragon, mayo on a toasted roll
The lobster was bland but for $5, it's a deal compare to the other vendors out there.

 The three of us probably went back again and again for Oysters which they had 3 types to choose from: Malpeque, Beau Soliel & Beach Angel

Saw this truck so many time but still haven't had a chance to try it out

Fidel Gastro wasn't open until later, after we left :(

 Congratulation to all the winners and
 a big tank you to Suresh Doss for revolutionizing street food in Toronto.