Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Riverside Public House

I finally made my way Riverside Public House (@RiversidePublic) for an early dinner after not being able to made it to the opening event.  Dustin Gallagher have been enlisted to head the kitchen here where he had skillfully crafted an upscale English pub fare menu and being a big fan of Top Chef Canada, I was excited (^_^)

We got there at around 6:00pm for an early Saturday dinner, it was no surprise that we were the first table but what's surprising was how the place remain empty even as we leave at around 8:00pm.

Love the rich dark color of the leather booths

Daily Soup : Clam Chowder $7.00
It was thick and creamy delicious

 Ploughman's Platter $18.00
Everything here was great especially the pickled cauliflowers and we finish every bits of it ;)
The liver mouse was very smooth whereas the chunkier terine was equally good.
 Love the selection here where each item is different in both texture and flavor to the next

Porcini Mushroom Pie $18.00
This was delicious by all means, served pipping hot and the pastry just smell incredible. Love the heirloom tomato on the side and how they served the dressing on the side in that cute little bottle, but wish there was a tiny bit more. On the menu it said it comes with a potato salad, but I'm glad it didn't since there was quite a bit of potato in the pie already.
Perfect for the colder weather, very comforting. But thought it was quite a splurge for a pot pie with that price tag

Wish it was more of a pie with crust etc instead of just a puff pastry on top, which make me think how easy it'll be to duplicate this at home. 
Plus there just wasn't enough pastry to go with the fillings  :(

 Country Fried Chicken $14.00
The coating was very crispy and light with hints of coriander, parprika and cumin flavors (at least that's what I think it is). The chicken itself was perfectly cook and incredible moist. But the potato salad was overdress and quite bland, that was the only thing we didn't finish :(

We were so full and had quite a bit of sweet stuff during the day, so we skip dessert.... but surprise, the bill comes with homemade caramel which was super delicious :)

Verdict :
There's some hit and miss for us but I will def will come back for the fried chicken or maybe try their make to order Burger with their "special sauce"

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  1. Love it Vickie! Always up for some good pub fare, and the fried chicken along with the platter sounds about right. Thanks for the post :)