Monday, July 4, 2011

Toronto Food Truck Eats (pt 1)

Have been anticipating Toronto's first Food Truck Eat event for a month since I'm big fan of food network show such as Eat St and Amazing Food truck race and have always wonder why we don't have something like that here in Toronto. The event was held at Distillery District (as you may know I'm a big fan of this place after my post here, here, here and here) and since it started at 11:00, we arrive at around 11:45 and was surprise to see how crowded it was. Yes, we were too late (>_<)
We decided to head to the Cupcake Diner which didn't have a line up (10 ppl in front of you don't count as lineup here). Cupcake as breakfast, not bad heh =P

 They have 7 flavors and as we were lining up, the red velvet was sold out =(

 Caramel Apple Pie 
~ they have actual pieces of apple inside w/ caramel drizzle on top, a bit on the sweet side for me but great flavor combination.

 Peanut Butter Cup
~ love the cute halved peanut butter cup topper (^_^). The base was chocolaty and icing was full of peanut butter yumminess and the icing was surprisingly lighter compare to the caramel apple pie

Really wanted to try Gatronome Vagabundo's Pork belly which they call The Buddha Belly but the lineup was way too long.

And even longer line up for Grilled Cheese =(

Relatively short line up for Pizza but just wasn't feeling for pizza that day

Buster Rhino's was also in attendance and seeing the line up, I would prefer driving all the way to Whitby than line up =P

Surprise that Marben was only serving their Ice Cream sandwich and Lemonade... wish they have other savory items, maybe a burger slider =P
I still have to go back for their Brunch after my dinner experience here!!!

So we decide to line up for Simple Fish & Chips since the fish taco looks super good while the lobster slider sound super good too. I said look and sound because I didn't actually got to taste it... I'm sort of mad just talking about it now (>_<) we line up for almost an hour, 3/4 through when we were told by a passerby not to waste out time lining up since he was that they had only less than 10 portion left. Can you imagine my reaction after one whole hour of lining up ?!? I went over to confirm that and it was indeed the case.... I even ask the guy who was taking order there why don't he give a shout out to the people in line that they are lining up for nothing... he just ignore me. 

~ this was the highlight of my day, not only there wasn't any line up, it's also right by the Simple Fish & Chip line up. We got one each at first but I went back to get one more and if Ben didn't pull me back, I would have bought the rest of the flavor too =P

Got the Fresh Ontario Strawberry and Blueberry first then went back for the Watermelon.

 Fresh Ontario Strawberry 
w/ lemon juice + zest, basil + lemon thyme +balsamic vinegar + ontario honey
~ Ben choose this one for me and I ♥♥♥ it a lot, intense flavor. Although with all the ingredient, all the flavor just compliment each other so well.

Blueberry + Lemon Sour Cream
~ much simpler compare to the previous one but just as good. In a super intense dark blueberry color, the sour cream gave it a very creamy texture while adding s bit of sour to the sweet blueberry flavor. Normally blueberry tends to be more subtle in flavor but the lemon sour cream not only didn't overpower it's flavor but actually enhances it.

Watermelon w/ Lemon + Basil
~ 3 of my favorite summer flavor, perfect combine together and it couldn't be cutter looking w/ the gradual change in color =D

Joshana Maharaj's Cardamon Strawberry Kulfi which I didn't try since I'm not a big fan of cardamon but heard from a lot of people that it was delicious.

While Ben was still lining up for the Simple fish & Chips, I went over to Cava which I just visited a few days ago and love it.

Mushroom & Fresh Corn Tamales
The mushroom and corn was buttery and sweet but wish there was some sort of sauce on it to give the shell a bit of extra flavor since I find it a bit bland on it's own. Then I found some other blog who have feature this and they had sauce on theirs... why didn't I get any =(

~ Got the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and the filling was very delicious, not very sweet and they actually have more rhubarb than strawberry (which was a surprise). Love the filling but didn't like the crust since it was neither buttery nor crispy.... But this was definitely the cheapest item at the event, it was only $3 for this huge peace of pie with it's individual box.

It was also the Jazz Festival, so there was live band playing =D

Verdict :
Would def go back for Part two on August 20th for part 2 and I'll make sure to arrive before the starting time to avoid those huge line up.
Will also have to get my hands on more of those Popsicle, soooooooo good =D


  1. i got there around the same time too and was sooo surprised it was that packed...i was so frustrated i was gonna leave but since some ppl wur there already we wur able to eat at least from 2 vendors

    didnt even walk round much either since it was just crazzzy

    didnt even see that popsicle booth nor marben's booth...but i did get a free popsicle from the front entrance:)

    wonder if i walked past u at the event

  2. Aww.. you should've let us know you were going there so that we could finally meet up! I was with Karen.

  3. really free popsicle by the entrance, I didn't went in through the main gate =(

    LOL, we def should meet up some time =D
    I was in a hurry to leave too since I need to go back uptown for a friend's baby shower, so wasn't able to stay longer.

  4. Hopefully Suresh will work out some of the kinks for Part 2 and Part 3 :S May i will wait for Part 3 in October hahhaa

  5. crossing my fingers... hope the vendors prepare more food next tine =P