Monday, July 18, 2011

Le Saint Amour (Old Quebec City)

We made reservation in advance and after our long walk here at Old Quebec City, we found ourselves at Le Saint Amour. This restaurant offers contemporary pairing of new flavors with traditional Quebec Favorites by an award winning chef and I've heard that it's a stop for many celebrities.

I was frankly a bit confused about their decor ?!? The cute chandeliers goes well the chairs but a total clash with the water color painted walls and the ceiling hanging plants  (o_O)?

Our Red wine =D

 Fresh yummy baguette ♥

Complimentary Amuse Bouche

Dad had the Inspiration Menu which was sort of a prix fixe menu with 2 appetizers, a entree and a dessert for $63.00

Vegetable Soup w/old balsamic glaze, Swiss chard chiffonade and Parma Ham

Declinaison  - 7 ways Duck Foie Gras
Pyramid of foie gras w/ pistachio & peach, foie gras macaroon, foie gras truffles with blueberry dusting, foie gras aux torchon, foie gras w/ ham and foie gras creme brulee.
Love every one of it although I have to say the macaroon is a bit too sweet for my taste and I was pleasantly surprise how good the creme brulee was with the caramelized sugar on top of the foie gras mouse and further top with a foie gras foam. Even the toasted brioche on the side are heavenly.
I ♥ foie gras but I've never imagine it to be cook these ways and it's just such a great experience, just showcase the quality and versatility of foie gras=D

Dad's second appetizers from the Inspiration Menu
Fish & Scallops Tartare
Love the lightly seasoned tartare which allow the fresh seafood to shine through.

Fine Quebec Cheese (x2)
Love the super thin apple slices presentation and it goes perfectly with the firmer cheese whereas the dried fruit and nuts goes perfectly with the stronger flavor crumbly blue cheese.

Rack of Lamb  
w/ a added side of seared Foie Gras
~ encrusted with pistachios and hazelnuts, pressed potatoes with rosemary mint-honey cooking jus
Yes as if the 7 way foie gras wasn't enough, I need to add seared foie gras to my main...
♥ing the foie gras overdose =P 
The crust was perfectly crispy and the lamb was cook just right and goes perfectly with the sauce while the pressed potatoes was so crispy outside and moist inside with such intense flavor.

 Came with a side of Veggies Ragout topped with cheese served in a mini copper pot
This was a huge portion for a free side and it was very  very delicious.

Dad's Halibut Steak w/ Parma ham foam

Sweetbread and giant Shrimp
~ domes of Swiss chard, seared morrels mushroom, Samos Muscat (which is a wine)creamy sauce
There was a side of roasted butternut squash gnocchi which was a very interesting twist to a classic. There was also a surprise of a huge scallops which wasn't mentioned on the menu. The veal sweetbread was cooked to perfection, just the right "done-ness" which result to a not too mushy nor too chewy texture and with the super yummy flavorful sauce. 
This was my favorite entree of the night, super delish.... NomNomNom

Dad doesn't like sweets, so he choose cheese to end his meal

Le Péttillant
Crostillant Gianduja et velour de Chocolate Guayaquil, confit the famboise, écume de Champagne a la fraise, cranité et crémeux vanille.
Everything tasted great and all but what is so special about this is that there's some house made exploding candy (Pop Rocks) in the fruits shooter.
The roll of passion fruits jelly roll also pairs perfectly with the dense slightly bitter chocolate.

Verdict :
Rather expensive but worth every penny.
Great food, great service and an extraordinary Foie Gras experience
Great combination of old and new
Dishes are very elaborate show a command to the latest trends and techniques

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  1. This is like a dream dinner! The plating is beautiful at this restaurant :) I would be so happy with all the foie gras ^_^ Amazing!

  2. And we were lucky to be able to get a reservation on the same day =P
    Yup, I was in heaven with all the foie gras especially with all the fun methods... never imagine a foie gras macaroon =P

  3. This is insane! I'm so jealous right now.. the restaurant looks beautiful.. and I guess I don't have to mention how mouth-watering those food pics are.. sigh.