Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool Hand Luc

Pass by the newly open Ice Cream shop on King West; Cool Hand Luc. With the background mural of ice cream blob, how could I resist =P Although we were so full after our Lunch, we just had to share at least a small cone (^_^)

 ♥ the pink blob of ice cream vomiting Mike and Ikes

A character for wach flavor. It's just so colorful and fun that you can't help but love it.

After deliberating forever, we end up choosing the Chocolate Peanut Butter and it was perfect. Yummy creamy fun ice-cream !!!

Verdict :
Will definitely go back for other flavor if I'm in the area

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  1. great find def worth checkin out esp in this heat wave we've got going on

  2. There's no seats there thou... so will have to venture out with ice cream in hand =P

  3. I came here maybe a month ago when it first opened and i don't think they had those cute little characters for all the flavours yet...and i never realized the mural was of ice cream blobs! the one throwing up mike and ikes made actually made me laugh out loud! cute :)

  4. @Jess: LOL, there's really nothing special part from the mural there... would have like them to give a bit more though to the rest of the place since it's pretty bland =P Ice-Cream good thou =D