Sunday, July 3, 2011

St Lawrence Market ~Buy

During our visit to St Lawrence Market that I posted yesterday here. We just had to resit and try not to bring the entire market home, at least not the entire cheese shop for me =P And each time I'm gravitated to the first one that I see, Alex Farm Products which is right next to Buster's Sea Cove cause I always enter by the back west entrance (^_^) You can ask for recommendation and they'll give you free sampling or just crab one from the cart that readily weighed and priced already. We did both this time, we bought the colorful sage (green) and blueberry (purple) ones from the cart since it looks super fun and we ask them to recommend a blue cheese and a goat cheese.

Love the blueberry one but tend to be good on it's own and not with our red wine.
The Sage one was Ben's choice and it had a really strange taste to it.... I'm really not sure and I only had 1/2 slice =P
My favorite have to be the creamy Bresse Blue Cheese which I got a huge slice for only $5.28 (probably get one small slice if order this at a restaurant)
The Goat Cheese (round one), OMG just look at the creamy center and the dryer crumblier surrounding... just so yummy, best of both world, creamy and crumbly =P But better finish the whole thing as soon as you cut it open since we made the mistake of keeping half of it as leftover and it aged so quick and it get's super extra salty stinky.

Prosciutto bought from Olympic Cheese Mart  w/Kozlik's Mustard and Roasted Garlic which goes perfectly with my baguette from Stonemill Bakehouse Ltd (go early cause they sell out a lot of their bake goods very early, didn't get to get my Danish by the time we went down)

Assorted Olives ~ warmed up before serving

Bought a few beautiful ripe Figs and sauteed it with a bit of aged Balsamic Vinegar w/ a sprinkle of salt... Perfect with cheese or Prosciutto

Basil Spaghetti w/ a mixture of pesto marinara sauce from St Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream
Love the handmade pasta but found the sauce a bit lacking of flavor, maybe I'll just make my our sauce next time.


  1. Absolutely love everything about this post. Every single one of those cheeses look delectable! I just love blue cheese, goat cheese, and prosciutto...ahhh! I love this post =D

  2. heehee =P that's what me and my friends do all the time for gatherings... with a few bottle of wine, I'm in heaven =D

  3. omg that cheese platter looks soooo pretty...wat i normally eat is cheese, pepperoni, crackers & grapes:)