Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fred's Not Here (Summerlicious #2) - NO GOOD

I decided to go to Summerlicious at Fred's Not Here since I had their prix fixe a year or so ago and it was pretty decent for it's price... who can say no to lobster bisque and steaks =P Let's just said we didn't enjoy our dinner, so this post will be brief since both food and service was lacking =(

Baked Lobster & Crab Soup
We both had this and it was a spicy lobster soup, don't get me wrong but I ♥ my spicy food but the spiciness just took over all other flavor and I could barely taste any lobster or crab flavor. And I think it would be better if they mention that it was spicy on the menu since I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to handle it.

I clearly remember the one I had before wasn't spicy and was a lot more delicious and I found proof.
Compare the 2 pictures below: #1 Now vs #2 Before

 Even the pastry looks totally different, it was was thinner this time and a bit under cook and not was golden crispy fluffy buttery as the first time. Just see for yourself  =(


New York Strip Steak
I order rare and it was way overcooked, I should def insist on blue... Ewww!!!! Dry and tough!!!! And I find the meat to be of poor quality too, if not I would have return it plus our waiter is very difficult to spot since he was so busy.

After having fries earlier here, this one wasn't comparable. It didn't come with gravy or sauce and when we ask for ketchup, our waiter took more than 10 minutes to find us some... really O_o? expected us to eat it dry as is??? didn't even have salt on it ?!? Tried too hard on the presentation and forgot about everything else?!?

Rib Eye Steak w/ mashed potatoes
Even more overcook than mine. Double Ewwww!!!! At least the mashed was very well seasoned =P

Local Strawberries with Mascarpone Creme
Light and yummy mascarpone with fresh strawberries, at least you can't go wrong with this one but would have prefer something that required a bit of skills. They were sold out of cheesecake, so we choose this one instead =(

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake
So so, really nothing special and we didn't even finish this

I think there was only 2 waiter for the whole place which was packed so the service was a bit lacking.... I know our waiter tried his best already and was very nice but he was way too busy to be more attentive to each table =(

So many other restaurant to choose from... why did I choose wrong (>_<)

Verdict :
No No No No
Did not like, was disappointed from appetizers to desserts

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  1. I'm a follower of your blog and I'm sorry to hear about your bad 'licious experience but I was just there on Friday and it was really good! Maybe they have different chefs? Anyway, my soup wasn't spicy at all so I was surprised to hear that yours was. And I didn't opt for the steak cause I heard it wasn't that good. I went for the seafood paella and it was delish with lots of seafood, didn't disappoint at all! They also had the cheesecake, which was good. Not super filling like cheesecake's usually are, which was good after all that food. Only wish it had been a bit colder.

  2. I've been to Fred's Not Here a couple of years ago with a friend. The food was so-so, nothing outstanding really. A lot of restaurant on that strip is pretty average I find. I've never heard of a spicy baked lobster and crab soup...especially THAT spicy? Weird.

  3. Fred's not Here has been around for as long as I remember, and still have some good memories from archived brain cells of 10+ years ago. I will have to admit that the quality of their food has certainly gone down over the years. They are probably in need of an overhaul. Thanks for the review

  4. thanks for reading =D
    I sometimes think that it depends on your luck... especially for restaurant that have very mixed reviews, it`s mainly because they are very inconsistent... so one night may be great but sucks another night =P

    @Food Junkie: i read some of the other reviews for summerlicioius and their soup def didn't have that chili oil on top... so I really don't know what happen that night

  5. i was here wit a group of 8 for licious think last yr or the yr before and none of us enjoyed our dishes

    also that soup did not have chili when we had it

  6. We stopped doing Summerlicious a couple years ago. We found that the quality of the food was poor because it was so rushed. If there is a restaurant we want to check out, we check it out.