Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joey Don Mills

A few Sundays ago, we didn't have the car and we decided to find someplace nearby to go to enjoy the patio weather and still be able to window shop =P I've heard pretty good thing about Joey Don Mills from a lot of my foodie friends. So we decided to head over since it's only within 20 minutes bus ride from our place and I need to go to Murale anyways to replenish some of my skin care products (^_^)

 Love their Guide to Drinking which is also their drink menu =P

 I didn't know they had such a nice roof top patio here. ♥ it !!!

 1st Round
Yes, Stella Artois again which is one of my fave beer and it's my top choice whenever I don't know what to choose,

Killer Ahi Tuna Tacos
~ seared rare with sesame ginger, coleslaw and wasabi-lime aioli
This is listed under appetizer on the menu but this can easily be a main especially for lunch. The tuna was sear just right with a light rub on the outside. Perfect soft yummy tuna with the crispy fresh tacos shell. Everything was flavorful enough and I think it didn't really need the extra wasabi-lime aioli on the side since the sesame ginger and coleslaw was just perfect enough.

 Ben's 2nd Round

 Viva Salad
~ roasted chicken with sundried cranberries, avocados, apples and feta with a honey balsamic vinaigrette garnish with cilantro
 We decided to share a salad since we have not been eating enough veggies that week (trying to be healthier, not) =P Love the huge tacos underneath which was folded and make it looks like a actual taco with a lot of veggies filling spilling out =D This was great, just need to get something in very bite, just a great combination of flavor and texture.

 Lobster Grilled Cheese
 ~ Atlantic lobster, brie & cheddar grilled cheese served w/ fries and cocktail sauce on the side
 We switch our order to Yam fries and it as very yummy which was def fresh made. The portion look rather small but you'll definitely be full after this since it was rather rich with all the cheese. I originally though that the cocktail sauce will overpower the lobster flavor but it actually complimented it pretty well and cut down the richness of the cheese a bit. But I ♥ cheese, so I like it without the cocktail sauce and ♥ how the creminess of the milder brie combine with the stronger cheddar here.

 My 2nd, Pomegranate Mojito and Ben's 3rd
The weather was so nice that we wanted to stay a bit longer, so we order another drink and dessert.

We were pretty full with all the food & beer and it was only Lunch but I was craving for something sweet =P

Molten Lava Chocolate Souffle
It was dark chocolate therefore not too sweet and I was in heaven. Ben originally warned me that he won't help me finish this but it was so good that he end up eating half of it =P
Another yummy Oooyee Goyee goodness (^_,^)

Do I need to say more? 
Just look at the chocolate oozing out =P

Verdict :
Will love to visit their new Eaton Center location.
I will def come back for the patio before the end of summer
Great food, service and a lot of drinks to choose from =D

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  1. luv luv luv luv luv their molten choc cake...think it's the best one i've ate so far well i did like the one at terroni but they no longer offer it boo

    still gotta try the apple pie since Stella said it was good

    great post as always makes me wanna head there rite now for some cake

  2. YES THE APPLE PIE IS SCRUMPTIOUS! I order that every single time even tho I know I should try new things lol~ Best chain in Toronto so far in terms of patio, diversity of menu and their fun drink menu too hehe~

  3. now I have to go back for the apple pie =P

  4. Yes, i wouldnt mind going back to try their fish tacos too! HEard they are great!