Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Queen and Beaver (post #2)

Went by after work for a drink with friends, it was a belated birthday dinner for Ben.
 Just want to do a quick post, I already did a post here for The Queen and Beaver Public House but didn't had these sandwich last time.

The 4 of us, after having 2 pork scratchings and a few drinks, we finally decided to order some food (^_^)

Recommended my friend to have Hand Chopped Burger & Chips that we had before from previous post here which was very yummy juicy.

Pork Shoulder & Urchfont
I told Ben to order the Burger but he insist to try something new. It was rather dry and on the blend side and the Urchfont was suppose to be mustard but there was barely any =(
At least the Chips were super good, perfect with our beer

B.L.T w/ Maple Braised Pork Belly
Yummy fatty pork belly with roasted tomatoes together with the soft and yummy bread is just yummy, a perfect way to end my day.

Verdict :
Great beer list w/ yummy authentic English Pub fare

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  1. Roasted tomatoes make so many things so much better, eh?

  2. We've only had drinks there ... we should pop in for food sometime.

  3. @Teena: yes you should =D try the pork scratchings, perfect with beer =P